3 Tips for Properly Packing Your Electronics

Video game controller pic

There aren’t many young adults who haven’t invested heavily into their electronics. Whether talking about laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, or Blu-Ray players and multiple video game systems, there’s a lot that fall under the general term of “electronics.” Whether you have several laptops you love, or a giant HDTV that brings out the best out of your PlayStation and XBox – you need to know how to properly wrap and store these important, expensive, and delicate possessions.

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4 Storage Tips for Antiques and Other Unique Valuable Pieces

Antique wood dresser

The average college student just finishing up freshman year isn’t going to have a lot to worry about when it comes to packing up a storage unit. The truth is that no matter how attached you are to that chair or poster, chances are there really isn’t anything all that valuable coming out of the dorm room. However, if you ever find yourself with an overabundance of old family heirlooms or antiques from various estate sales, you’ll want to know how to store them right!

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Growing Up from Storage: When it’s Time to Move on

man organizing garage sale

There’s no shame in  being a pack rat. In fact, if you’re anything like me you’re much more likely to let things stack up rather than sell them or give them away. While there’s no reason to be ashamed in collecting nice stuff and keeping great furniture or important possessions while you find yourself in a small apartment, but do you have storage because you have a lot of great things worth keeping for that larger apartment or house you’ll have someday, or because you’re holding on to too many things that it’s time to get rid of?

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Organize Your Storage Unit Right!

Packed Moving Boxes

The hassles of moving can be chaotic, to say the least. Sometimes you’re so busy moving from one place to another that you treat a storage unit the way a 5-year old treats their closet when it’s time to clean the room. While you do rent storage space for the specific purpose of putting away everything you can’t deal with at the moment, you’d be making a major mistake by just loading your storage unit without a plan. Read on to learn the two strategies you can use together to organize your storage for easy searching and sorting – no matter how long you stay away.

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Pro Tips for Increasing Storage Space in Your Home

storage bed

Plus – no room for monsters under the bed!

Finding more space in an apartment is an uphill battle at best, but to some extent you expect that with the apartment to apartment moving life, but what about when you finally settle in a home for the long-term? In this case finding yourself coming up short with storage space is a very big issue. Continue reading

4 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Frustrated Man

I empathize with that feeling of dread that can come from needing to move, especially if you’re going from a larger living area to a smaller one. The stress never quite goes away, no matter how often you’ve made the move before. So how will you know if you should try packing the boxes in the new closets or simply bite the bullet on a quality storage unit?

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Winning Storage Tetris: 3 Tips for Utilizing Every Inch of Available Space!

Messy garage pic

Shown: messy garage not properly organized in storage.

I’m not what you’d call a pack rat, but growing up in a family that loved estate sales, flea markets, and watching Antique Roadshow on PBS, it’s easy to see why I’m far more likely to acquire a lot of new interesting things as opposed to get rid of them. If you’re like most people, you like having nice things and you love finding a good deal on something interesting but this leads to needing more storage or even (gasp) giving away treasures you spent years acquiring.

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Ship Smart so You Can Store Less!

shipping box for moving

Moving can be a stressful time whether you’re looking at a new house, sailing off into retirement, or even just making that summer move home until September swings back around for another year of college. The size of any storage unit you need to rent is going to affect how much your pocketbook gets hit. Generally speaking, the smaller the storage unit, the cheaper the price will be. Whatever your reason for shipping important items, there are several great tricks to save on shipping so you can spend less, and store less!

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College Summer Moving: Storage or Shipping?

messy dorm room

Whether you’re facing your first summer after your freshman year of college or looking at a couple years of accumulated possessions, the summers between school years can be hectic. You finish finals, then it’s a rush to get packed up and then move. This brings up a question that not enough college students think about until there’s only a day or two left to move: what is the best way to deal with all your stuff? Should your look at moving, storage, or shipping?

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