What You Need to Know About Crating

Public domain wood shipping crate pic

Moving basic furniture or packing up suitcases is simple enough and doesn’t require any special attention at all. However, what happens when you have something extremely large, extremely valuable, or both? There are even those instances when you might have something like a heavy garden statue that is both heavy and delicate, or an old antique book shelf or table that is carved with intricate designs. This is where crating and shipping comes in – and there are a few things you should know before going down this route.

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Ship Smart so You Can Store Less!

shipping box for moving

Moving can be a stressful time whether you’re looking at a new house, sailing off into retirement, or even just making that summer move home until September swings back around for another year of college. The size of any storage unit you need to rent is going to affect how much your pocketbook gets hit. Generally speaking, the smaller the storage unit, the cheaper the price will be. Whatever your reason for shipping important items, there are several great tricks to save on shipping so you can spend less, and store less!

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College Summer Moving: Storage or Shipping?

messy dorm room

Whether you’re facing your first summer after your freshman year of college or looking at a couple years of accumulated possessions, the summers between school years can be hectic. You finish finals, then it’s a rush to get packed up and then move. This brings up a question that not enough college students think about until there’s only a day or two left to move: what is the best way to deal with all your stuff? Should your look at moving, storage, or shipping?

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