Prepping Your Vehicle for Long Term Storage

Rows of car parts

So you’ve finally decided to take that life-long dream trip. Whether you’re going to be gone for a long summer or are looking at an even longer getaway, one of the major details that all too often isn’t given the attention it deserves is how you prepare your vehicle for storage. Believe it or not, the way you prepare to store your vehicle can go a long way towards determining if you’re happy when you come home or if you’re going to be sending your car to a place like the picture above.

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Packing Tips: Never Pack Your Quilts Together!

Stack of quilts

Sorry guys – going to have to split you up for another move…

Packing can be a hectic time, no matter how much time you give yourself, and no matter how much you try to be prepared. Some things pack easily: boxes of books you refuse to get rid of (good for you), large electronics, and clothes. Oh so many clothes. However, the hardest part always comes to packing fragile items. Do you have a light vase that you can’t imagine breaking during a move? Dishes that mean a lot to you?

Personally, I’m a sucker for great thin pottery and decorative glass work…which aren’t exactly known for being sturdy during a rough move. There’s only so much you can bubble wrap – so what can you do?

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Moving Your Personal Library

lovely book ! photo by Tim Geers, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Tim Geers 


With 80% of Americans saying that they read for fun at least occasionally, when we move, we are often moving books. Maybe it is just a few paperbacks that we haven’t had a chance to read yet or perhaps there are much loved volumes from childhood that we can’t bear to part with or, if you are like me, you have a substantial personal library. Once you have decided to move, there are a few steps to take, especially when moving a large collection of books. Continue reading