Moving Horror Stories: Choose Your Moving Company Wisely

Didn't see the side of the road there, eh? Just jumped out at you? And now I can't have my stuff back? Interesting...

Didn’t see the side of the road there, eh? Just jumped out at you? And now I can’t have my stuff back? Interesting…

I asked a simple question on a Facebook the other day and was surprised by the incredible responses that I got. The question was this: “Anyone who’s ever moved… what were some things that you wished you had known before you moved?”

The responses that I got were almost universal in their hatred of moving companies. I had a good experience with the moving company that I used, so this did not cross my mind as being a major issue. As I dug a little farther into things, though, it became clear to me that fraudulent movers are a huge problem. To top it off, it turns out that this is not a local St. Louis problem, but a national one.

I found that the complaints fell generally into one of two categories: price gouging/fraud and incompetence. Of course, those who accused their moving companies of incompetence also felt gouged, and rightfully so. I want to share these stories, as a warning to anyone thinking of hiring movers: do your homework and thoroughly research any company you plan to trust in your home and with your belongings.

One respondent, Chris, quickly summed up the views of many when he wrote:

The movers thing is insane. I am about to move and my estimates vary from $200 to $800. Why am I charged $2 per roll of tape? Why do I get charged for that plastic stuff?

He’s not alone. One of the biggest complaints was about the difference between the quoted price and the final price. About his moving experience, Scott wrote:

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