Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan (EMU) is a public university located in Ypsilanti, Michigan and was founded in 1849. The university is 35 miles west of Detroit and 8 miles east of Ann Arbor giving it a small town feel.

EMU’s athletic teams are called “Eagles and their mascot is “Swoop”. Emu teams have been successful on a national level, winning three NCAA Division II national championships and 13 NAIA Division I national championships in five different sports (baseball, men’s cross country, men’s swimming and diving, men’s indoor track and field and men’s outdoor track and field).

The students have on campus great restaurant options including International Kitchen; Green Market; and Lobby. Also on campus are Wendy’s and Starbucks. During EMU’s fall semester, traditions include Fajita Fest. Fajita Fest occurs during the school’s orientation and welcoming weekend in September. The event brings together student organizations in University Park and Bowen Field House to showcase campus organizations and services. Community Plunge also occurs during orientation and offers the opportunity for students, staff and faculty to participate in service in the Ypsilanti community.

Some noted alumni include Dann Florek-American actor (Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit); Ella Joyce-American stage actress; Greg Mathis-Judge and later TV personality of Judge Mathis; Winsor McCay-pioneering cartoonist and Gary Reed-Comic book writer.

Ypsilanti is the home of some of the early automobile manufacturers and one of the top attractions today is the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum in the Miller Motors building. The museum features 30 automobile antiques. Some of the cars in the museum are a 1952 Hudson Hornet, 1933 Hudson Terraplane K Series Coach and 1991 Chevrolet Caprice police car, manufactured at the nearby Willow Run Assembly Plant. In addition to the cars, the museum collection includes “advertising, service, repair, and promotional items that were essential to the automobile business” of the second quarter of the twentieth century.

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Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University (GVSU or GV), is a public liberal arts university and is located in Allendale, Michigan. It was founded in 1960. The university is recognized as one of the best environment-friendly universities. Grand Valley has three campuses: the main campus in Allendale and two satellite campuses in the surrounding area. Smaller centers in Muskegon and Traverse City also exit. Grand Valley was ranked by U.S. News and World Report at the 7th in the top Public Regional Universities in the Midwest. It was listed as one of “America’s Top Colleges” in 2012 by Forbes magazine.

GVSU’s athletic teams are called the Lakers and they compete in the Great Lakes Intercollegic Athletic Conference. Their official mascot is “Louie the Laker”. Campus Life Night is a campus tradition that offers GVSU students the opportunity to browse student organizations, campus departments, businesses and non profit organizations in a fun and festive environment. Meadows at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, is the home of the Grand Valley State Lakers men’s and women’s golf teams. The course is located on the northwest quadrant of GVSU’s main Allendale campus.

Outside of the university, students often go on a 20 minute drive to neighboring Grand Rapids for nightlife. Grand Rapids is host to several well-known and successful nightclubs and bars such as The Bob, The Black Rose, McFadden’s and Margarita Grille. Also there is Main Street Grille or Peppino’s located a couple minutes east of the Allendale campus.

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Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University (CMU) is a public research university located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. It was founded in 1892 and is well known in the fields of journalism, music, audiology, psychology and its physician assistant program. This doctoral research university is the fourth largest institution in Michigan and among the 100 largest public universities nationally.

The school’s athletic program is affiliated with the NCAA Division 1-A and it competes in the Mid-America Conference. Known as the “Chippewas” or “Chips”, their colors are maroon and gold. Their nickname comes with the consent of the nearby Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe who they have a good relationship with.

Among its many notable alumni are actors Jeff Daniels, Terry O’Quinn and Brad Slaight. Other alumni include broadcaster Dick Enberg and Emmy-winning correspondent Clark Howard.

A team of four CMU students won a competition that included more than 150 at the 5th international ERPsim. This is a competition that simulates a high-stress business environment where students must run their business using a enterprise resource planning system or a real-world integrated management system. Team Consumers Energy from CMU came in first place after making a net profit of approximately $110,000 during the qualification round. The four CMU students will travel to Montreal to compete against nine other universities in the final round in June.

Mount Pleasant surrounded by rivers, lakes and forests, is a beautiful and like the name refers, a pleasant place to live. It is located 61 miles from the state capital, Lansing. The airport is two miles from the central business district. Mount Pleasant offers all the activities and attractions you could want – from dining to golf, canoeing to skydiving.

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4 Interesting Facts About Western Michigan University

As a company dedicated to helping students and military members find excellent storage deals, we spend a lot of time reading up on colleges around the country. We’ve been writing lots of blogs about colleges, and it occurred to us that people who are looking for storage near a college probably already know what the college is known for. Brilliant, right? So, we decided that maybe we should focus on stuff that everyone might not already know. Such a novel concept. So, each post will open up with some information about finding storage around the university, then we’ll move along to random facts that are, of course, our bread and butter. (Full disclosure: storage is technically our bread and butter, but… well… you know.)

Storage options near Western Michigan

Founded in 1903, Western Michigan University is a public university located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Being located in Kalamazoo, there are lots of good storage options available. You can find a 5 X 5 unit for around $40, which is a very competitive price. In addition to small units, there are plenty of other, larger options available, including giant 10 X 30 units in the $200 range, which is really inexpensive, compared to similar units nationally. So, if you’re going abroad, or have to go home for the summer, or you and your friends are just trying to clear space from the ol’ dorm or apartment, you ought to consider getting a storage unit.

But, just as importantly, what else can we learn about WMU? So, so glad that you asked…

The International Congress on Medieval Studies is a real thing

Every spring, thousands of actual, real-life, bonafide Knights of the Roundtable come to Kalamazoo to defend their honor and save damsels in distress. Afterwards, they eat giant turkey legs, drink mead, tell tales of adventure, and sing songs glorifying God and the King.

I’m being told that’s not true. It turns out that every spring, thousands of actual, real-life, bonafide medieval scholars and students descend upon Kalamazoo to study, present, discuss, and learn from one another. It’s the largest meeting of medieval scholars in… well… Michigan, and I would imagine that it’s one of the largest throughout the nation. I’m not going to lie to you, though… I haven’t looked that up. It seems reasonable, though, right? Sure.

The Broncos was the CREATIVE mascot idea

According to wikipedia, a website that has been accurate on multiple occasions, the original nickname for the WMU athletic teams was the Hilltoppers. It turns out that there were too many other teams in the country known as the Hilltoppers.

I’m serious.

Please stop laughing.

So, they decided… stop laughing! It was popular!

Did I mention that it was the 1930s? In retrospect, that seems important. It was in the 1930s.

So, anyway. Lots of Hilltoppers in the 1930s, there were.

So, an assistant coach named John Gill said, and I’m not sure exactly how he worded it, but this is probably pretty close: “Hey! Hey, guys! Did you know that we don’t HAVE to be the Hilltoppers? I’ve got a great idea! Let’s be something different!”

And, oh how the people laughed and laughed at him. Until he said this: “We can be the Broncos.”

At that moment, the entire city of Kalamazoo held its collective breath until finally, one man whose name is lost to history (but was probably Keith) stepped forward and clapped once… then again… then again… then he stopped clapping because it was getting stupid and no one was joining him. But the board held a vote and now they’re the Broncos. The end.

Kalamazoo is a funny word; it’s also where you find Waldo

I don’t care where you’re from or who you are. Kalamazoo is funny. It just is. And people from Kalamazoo? They’re Kalamazooans. True story.

I know that this isn’t anything surprising to Broncos, since they live in Kalamazoo, but… seriously… how is that not hilarious? That’s right. It IS hilarious.

But Kalamazoo isn’t the only funny word brewing around WMU’s campus. After all, the school was founded by a guy named Dwight B. Waldo. Dwight B. Waldo. In my imagination, a guy wearing red pants, a red striped shirt, and a Santa hat walked into Kalamazoo, hid behind a tree and founded a university. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.

If that’s not what happened, please don’t ruin it for me. Thanks.

As a side note: Kalamazoo is also home to hilariously named or spelled companies, such as Pfizer, Borgess Medical Center, and Stryker. Just… I mean… so, so funny.

The Wrap

Western Michigan is a great school, particularly if you’re looking into aviation or business, and there’s no denying that it’s got some wonderful quirks. Whether you’re a Bronco or a Kalamazooan, just remember that onlineselfstoragedirectory can help you with all of your storage needs. Just call or click today to get started.

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(research and writing contributed by Mindy Price)

WSU Warriors on the search for self storage!

Wayne State University (WSU) is located in Detroit, Michigan and was founded in 1868. This beautiful campus is right in the center of Detroit’s historic district with wonderful museums and landmarks. WSU is ranked as a very high research university. Its Law School is one of two public law schools in Michigan and its medical school is also ranked very high. As a result of the support and presence of industry in Detroit, the College of engineering is providing students and faculty with great connections to industry and the latest research and technology. Continue reading