Packing Tips: Never Pack Your Quilts Together!

Stack of quilts

Sorry guys – going to have to split you up for another move…

Packing can be a hectic time, no matter how much time you give yourself, and no matter how much you try to be prepared. Some things pack easily: boxes of books you refuse to get rid of (good for you), large electronics, and clothes. Oh so many clothes. However, the hardest part always comes to packing fragile items. Do you have a light vase that you can’t imagine breaking during a move? Dishes that mean a lot to you?

Personally, I’m a sucker for great thin pottery and decorative glass work…which aren’t exactly known for being sturdy during a rough move. There’s only so much you can bubble wrap – so what can you do?

One thing I’ve learned from years of moving is that sometimes the best advice can often have two common attributes: Continue reading