A Few Easy Steps to Make Cleaning Easy

Spring Cleaning Cartoon Pic

Cleaning is easy for some rare people, but for the rest of us being able to keep a living area organized and making extra space for the newest garage sale haul isn’t high on the list of things we like to do – if it sneaks on there at all. The problem is, you know how quickly this becomes a huge problem, especially the longer you put it off. Continue reading

The Domestically Disabled Diva: A Motivational Speech for Your Vacuum

business woman dancing with her vacuumQ: Dear Abby,

I’m in a bit of a conundrum in that my vacuum has decided to quit working as hard as it used to work for me. While I have a new dustbuster that I can use for the tile, that does nothing for the carpet! Any suggestions for how I can kind get my vacuum back to the way it once was?

A: I’m very into vacuuming and celebrate “Swiffer Sunday” weekly, so I understand your frustrations. I suggest you focus on communication between you and said rebel vacuum, perhaps try and pep it up a bit by reciting the following motivational speech: Continue reading