6 Questions to Ask a Potential Moving Company

moving company

Your boxes are nearly packed, you’ve got all of the documents signed for your new place, and you’re looking forward to getting settled into your new digs. One final step? Booking your moving company.

When you hire people to handle all of your goods and possessions, you obviously want to select the best option. But, with so many choices out there, how can you know you’re making a great (or terrible) selection? Here are six questions to ask to weed out those awful moving companies and find one that’s sure to make moving day a little more painless.

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4 Things to Know About Moving From a Dorm to Your Own Place


The end of your college semester is fast approaching, and you’re likely starting to think about where exactly you’ll wind up living next year. If you spent this school year in a cramped dorm room, you might be thinking of striking out on your own and trying out renting an apartment or home with some friends.

Good for you! Living on your own for the first time can be incredibly exciting. However, it can also be a big adjustment when you’ve grown used to the routined life you’ve lived in your dorm complex. So, here are four things you should know before moving from a dorm to your very own place. The more you know, the better off you’ll be!

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How to Identify a Good Storage Unit Manager


When you’re loading up your storage unit with items that mean a lot to you (and, yes, they obviously mean something to you, if you’re willing to keep them in storage rather than tossing them out!), security is a concern for you. And, of course, there are numerous different measures you can take to ensure your individual unit is secure.

However, for extra peace of mind, you want to know that the person responsible for keeping a watchful eye on the entire complex—your storage unit manager—is trustworthy and dependable. Beyond that, you want to ensure that he or she will be easy enough to get a hold of should an emergency ever arise.

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6 Tips to Stage Your Home to Sell

Home for Sale

There’s a lot that goes into moving—finding a new place to live, packing up your belongings, and booking your movers are a few of the things that come to mind. But, if you need to take care of selling your old residence, your to-do list is suddenly a lot longer. After all, selling your house isn’t always an easy feat.

What’s one thing that can make a difference in how fast your home sells (and for how much)? Staging. That’s right, staging your house can have a huge impact on how long it takes to get it off the market. In fact, most realtors agree that buyers often offer a one to five percent increase on the value of a home that’s staged.

Pretty convincing, right? But, what do you need to know in order to successfully stage your home—particularly if you don’t want to hire a professional to do it for you? Here are your must-have tips. Continue reading

Your Timeline for Packing and Moving

Moving Timeline

Moving can be a long, overwhelming process. In fact, it can be so daunting that many of us end up feeling like we don’t know where to even start. Should you start packing now and book your movers later? When should you transfer your utilities? What can you pack up immediately, and what should wait?

It can seem like a tangled mess to navigate. But, with a little consideration and careful planning, you’ll be organized and ready to tackle your moving day. Stick to this checklist, and moving day is sure to be totally smooth sailing!

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

Get organized. Now’s your time to start gathering all of that moving-related paperwork and tuck it safely away in a file so it’s easy to find and reference when you need it. Now is also a great time to pick up any supplies you’ll need, including boxes, markers, bubble wrap, and packing tape. The earlier you have it, the earlier you can start packing!

Do your research. If you don’t already know what moving company you’d like to go with, it’s time to do some digging and read different reviews and recommendations.

Sort and toss. There’s no point in moving a bunch of things that you don’t actually want to keep. And, while you can definitely still sort things as you’re packing up different rooms, now’s a great time to toss all of that stuff you already know you don’t want to hang on to.

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

Notify utilities and your landlord. Start the process of canceling out your current utilities and get them swapped over to your new place—after all, you don’t want to be moving in the dark with no running water! If you’re renting, you also need to let your landlord know you’ll be packing up and hitting the road.

Book your movers. If you’re planning on using some extra hands or a moving truck, you should plan to book them during this time—to ensure you can actually find someone to help you during your chosen moving day!

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

Start packing. Now’s when you can start boxing up everything—save for the few essentials you need during the next couple of weeks. Remember to also pack an overnight bag for your first night in your new place, so you don’t have to go digging for your toothbrush!

Change your address. It’s just another one of the pains of moving. Let the post office—as well as any financial institutions—know about your new digs. You’ll also want to transfer your car insurance to your new address!

Schedule cleaners. If you’re planning on having your current place professionally cleaned before bidding adieu, you’ll need to schedule a cleaning crew to come in and take care of things.

1 Week Before Moving Day

Confirm everything. Unfortunately, things get lost in the shuffle. So, it’s important that you make time to check in and confirm that everything is in order for your big day!

There you have it—a basic timeline for planning your move. Follow along, and you’re sure to take a little of the pain out of the process!

Decor Tips for Temporary Living Situations

Temporary Living Decor

Whether you’re in a dorm room, a short-term apartment, or a military residence, you’re understandably afraid to get too settled. After all, you know you won’t be there for too long, and it seems pointless to sink your time and energy into making a place feel homey when you’ll only pack up and leave in a few months anyway.

But, it’s important to remember that—no matter how temporary—that space is still your home. Even if it’s just for a little while, you deserve a space that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. And, that doesn’t need to take a ton of commitment and elbow grease on your part.

In fact, decorating a temporary living space can actually be quite simple—as long as you’re armed with the right knowledge. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to decorating in those sorts of circumstances. It might not be home sweet home forever, but it’s what you’ve got for now! Continue reading

Moving Hacks for Packing Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen Packing Hacks

Of all the rooms in your home you need to pack up for a move, the kitchen is by far the most daunting. With all of those nooks, crannies, and cabinets—not to mention small appliances and fragile dishes—it can take you almost as long to box up the kitchen as the whole rest of your house.

Luckily, there are a few quick tips and hacks you can put to work in order to make packing up that intimidating kitchen at least a little easier. Curious? Here’s what you need to know! Continue reading

6 Things You Need to Do When You’re Moving in Bad Weather

Moving in Bad Weather

Everybody knows that moving is hard work. But, when you need to load up all of your belongings and truck off to your new residence in a blizzard or torrential downpour? Well, that only serves to make things even more difficult and complicated.

Let’s face it—moving in bad weather is never going to be a fun experience. But, there are a few things you can do to take at least a little bit of the pain out of the process. Take a look at these tips for moving in not-so-great weather conditions, and prepare to hit the road—rain or shine!  Continue reading

8 Apps to Keep Your Life Organized

Apps to Keep You Organized

There’s no doubt about it—life gets busy. So busy, in fact, that it’s easy to feel like you’re trying to juggle ten different things, with one of your arms tied behind your back.

But, luckily, in this age of technology, there are plenty of apps and solutions that can help to keep you organized and on top of things—no matter how hectic and crazy your schedule gets. Check out these eight apps that will keep you in order. I promise, you’ll be glad you did! Continue reading

5 of the Strangest Things Found in Storage Units

Storage Unit

When you think of what people usually keep in a storage unit, it all seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Furniture. Books and keepsakes they don’t have room for. Extra clothes. Basically, it’s a space to keep all of those belongings you don’t have the space for in your residence.

But, whether it comes as a surprise or not, not everybody uses those storage spaces for those standard items. Instead, some pretty strange things have been found in storage lockers.

Don’t believe me? Here are five of the strangest things that have ever been discovered in storage units. Your spare lamps and dining chairs will seem pretty boring after this.  Continue reading