3 Tips for Properly Packing Your Electronics

Video game controller pic

There aren’t many young adults who haven’t invested heavily into their electronics. Whether talking about laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, or Blu-Ray players and multiple video game systems, there’s a lot that fall under the general term of “electronics.” Whether you have several laptops you love, or a giant HDTV that brings out the best out of your PlayStation and XBox – you need to know how to properly wrap and store these important, expensive, and delicate possessions.

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What You Need to Know About Crating

Public domain wood shipping crate pic

Moving basic furniture or packing up suitcases is simple enough and doesn’t require any special attention at all. However, what happens when you have something extremely large, extremely valuable, or both? There are even those instances when you might have something like a heavy garden statue that is both heavy and delicate, or an old antique book shelf or table that is carved with intricate designs. This is where crating and shipping comes in – and there are a few things you should know before going down this route.

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Packing Tips: Never Pack Your Quilts Together!

Stack of quilts

Sorry guys – going to have to split you up for another move…

Packing can be a hectic time, no matter how much time you give yourself, and no matter how much you try to be prepared. Some things pack easily: boxes of books you refuse to get rid of (good for you), large electronics, and clothes. Oh so many clothes. However, the hardest part always comes to packing fragile items. Do you have a light vase that you can’t imagine breaking during a move? Dishes that mean a lot to you?

Personally, I’m a sucker for great thin pottery and decorative glass work…which aren’t exactly known for being sturdy during a rough move. There’s only so much you can bubble wrap – so what can you do?

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Forget the Boxes: Look at Plastic Storage Bins for All Your Moving Needs!

Plastic storage bins

For a lot of people the first few times you move are less about being efficient and more about stuffing as many things into as few boxes as possible, and then playing Tetris with your moving vehicle. Whether you’re still involved in the yearly ritual of moving to and from college, or have moved on to needing larger and more permanent spaces, moving well is all in the details. If you want to move like a pro, you need to look at forgetting the cardboard boxes and dive into your plastic bin options.

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How to Pack Anything Like a Pro

Few people relish the daunting task of packing, and even fewer have mastered the art of packing like a pro. Unless you and Martha Stewart share the same DNA, you’re going to need a few tips to ensure that you are well-prepared for your trip to the Grand Canyon, the next sofa in your couch-surfing career, or the Betty Ford Center. There’s nothing like arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot your toothbrush, or unraveling a twisted, wrinkled clump of clothes you were going to wear for orientation night.

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Military Mondays: Holiday Decoration Tips for Military Families

Welcome to Military Mondays! In this series you’ll find lots of storage tips specifically for members of military and their families posted each Monday.

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times for families of military members living on or off base together. They bring up lots of questions, such as “Where am I going to find cobs of corn while living overseas?” to “Should we store our holiday decorations or buy new ones each year since we move duty stations so often?”

While each family’s needs are different, most want to hang on to holiday decoration items from year to year. Read on for some tips on how to make storing and moving those decorations easier plus how to use them when the space isn’t permanent.

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Packing Electronics Correctly For the Winter

tv in the snow

While the process of storing electronics may seem straightforward, it can quickly turn into a complicated and costly mess without proper planning and attention beforehand, especially during the harsh winter months. Electronics are some of the most common fragile items stored by people using self-storage units but a broken or damaged item can ruin what was supposed to be a convenient experience. Check out some of the tips below to ensure your computers, printers, robots, etc. don’t receive or cause damage while in storage this winter.

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Essential Items to Have in Your Car This Winter

The recent viral video (above) of a car owner using a sled for a spare tire during a snow storm can either be described as pure genius or downright insanity. Seriously, it could go either way.

No matter which way the judgment scales tip in the case of the – illegal? Yes? No? – sledding car, the video brings up the good point that many people don’t properly pack their vehicles for winter weather. Just throwing a protein bar into the glove compartment won’t cut it when faced with a wall of snow and using a credit card for a snow scraper won’t help dig out your tires– although it will garner a stern look from your bank when you later tell them why it broke.

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Everything you’ll ever need to know about storage trunks

Later this week my husband is going to head out of town for a few days for an interview (send us some good thoughts if you have a moment), and part of preparing for this trip is packing up his suitcase.  We got our luggage set at an estate sale a few years ago.  It’s black, soft sided, with wheels and handles, and lots of little storage compartments (that we never seem to use).  Basically it’s your typical modern luggage.  As the history buff that I am, though, I cannot help to wonder how different this trip would be if he was making it 100 years ago.  There would be lots of differences of course, to start with he could not have gotten on a plane and been at his destination in a few short hours, which would mean he wouldn’t have been back in just a few days either.  Then there is cost, attire, tools (as an electrician, his field looked very different), and how he would have communicated with us during his trip.  The topic I would like to go over today, though, is his luggage, as that is what helped to inspire this post in the first place.  He would not be carrying a lightweight suitcase.  Instead I would be packing up his steamer trunk.

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