Two Hour Drill: Organizing Junk Drawers

Junk Drawer Organizing

If you are like me, and I like to think I’m not alone here, things begin to pile up around the house.  Those strange odds and ends that do not seem to have good homes and end up cluttering the kitchen table until they bother you enough that you shove them into a drawer where they might never see the light of day again. Continue reading

What Does Your Diaper Bag Say About You?

Babies need stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.

From cribs to strollers to tricked out containment orbs of safety and entertainment (I’m looking at you, exersaucer), you can tell a lot about the parents of said babies by the choices they make for their cherubs.  With one glance, you can tell if a parent is uber trendy, a hipster, indifferent or the most prepared parent EVURRRR. Continue reading

Everything you’ll ever need to know about storage trunks

Later this week my husband is going to head out of town for a few days for an interview (send us some good thoughts if you have a moment), and part of preparing for this trip is packing up his suitcase.  We got our luggage set at an estate sale a few years ago.  It’s black, soft sided, with wheels and handles, and lots of little storage compartments (that we never seem to use).  Basically it’s your typical modern luggage.  As the history buff that I am, though, I cannot help to wonder how different this trip would be if he was making it 100 years ago.  There would be lots of differences of course, to start with he could not have gotten on a plane and been at his destination in a few short hours, which would mean he wouldn’t have been back in just a few days either.  Then there is cost, attire, tools (as an electrician, his field looked very different), and how he would have communicated with us during his trip.  The topic I would like to go over today, though, is his luggage, as that is what helped to inspire this post in the first place.  He would not be carrying a lightweight suitcase.  Instead I would be packing up his steamer trunk.

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