3 Tips for Properly Packing Your Electronics

Video game controller pic

There aren’t many young adults who haven’t invested heavily into their electronics. Whether talking about laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, or Blu-Ray players and multiple video game systems, there’s a lot that fall under the general term of “electronics.” Whether you have several laptops you love, or a giant HDTV that brings out the best out of your PlayStation and XBox – you need to know how to properly wrap and store these important, expensive, and delicate possessions.

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Discovering More Storage Space in Your Home

Messed up closet

Let’s face it: there are very few of us who can claim to have a clean and well-organized closet. While there might be that one bedroom closet that is relatively clean, for a lot of us those extra closets in an apartment or home are just square feet to toss in everything. Most closets are a jumble of boxes and crates, stacked from bottom to top, with no organization to speak of. The truth is, chances are you have plenty of hidden storage available in your own place just by looking at a few basic tips or practices.

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Growing Up from Storage: When it’s Time to Move on

man organizing garage sale

There’s no shame in  being a pack rat. In fact, if you’re anything like me you’re much more likely to let things stack up rather than sell them or give them away. While there’s no reason to be ashamed in collecting nice stuff and keeping great furniture or important possessions while you find yourself in a small apartment, but do you have storage because you have a lot of great things worth keeping for that larger apartment or house you’ll have someday, or because you’re holding on to too many things that it’s time to get rid of?

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A Few Easy Steps to Make Cleaning Easy

Spring Cleaning Cartoon Pic

Cleaning is easy for some rare people, but for the rest of us being able to keep a living area organized and making extra space for the newest garage sale haul isn’t high on the list of things we like to do – if it sneaks on there at all. The problem is, you know how quickly this becomes a huge problem, especially the longer you put it off. Continue reading

Finding Great Deals to Furnish Your New Home

Furniture collage

Almost everyone has gone through a time when you realize you have too much stuff in your summer apartment to fit into a dorm room, or when you’re rushing to put things into storage while you find temporary housing for a few months. However, not many people talk about what can happen when the opposite occurs. How do you avoid going into major debt and a money pit when you have a large brand new house and very little furniture to fill it? Continue reading

Are You Losing Antiques at Your Garage Sale?

Antique brushes, camera, scale

Who doesn’t love the thrill of bargain shopping at an estate sale, flea market, garage sale, or even a local auction house? Shows like American Pickers or Storage Wars have made the thrill of the hunt even more  mainstream. Going on the hunt is easy – but are you 100% sure you’re not on the wrong side of selling an antique cheap?

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Ship Smart so You Can Store Less!

shipping box for moving

Moving can be a stressful time whether you’re looking at a new house, sailing off into retirement, or even just making that summer move home until September swings back around for another year of college. The size of any storage unit you need to rent is going to affect how much your pocketbook gets hit. Generally speaking, the smaller the storage unit, the cheaper the price will be. Whatever your reason for shipping important items, there are several great tricks to save on shipping so you can spend less, and store less!

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Essential Items to Have in Your Car This Winter

The recent viral video (above) of a car owner using a sled for a spare tire during a snow storm can either be described as pure genius or downright insanity. Seriously, it could go either way.

No matter which way the judgment scales tip in the case of the – illegal? Yes? No? – sledding car, the video brings up the good point that many people don’t properly pack their vehicles for winter weather. Just throwing a protein bar into the glove compartment won’t cut it when faced with a wall of snow and using a credit card for a snow scraper won’t help dig out your tires– although it will garner a stern look from your bank when you later tell them why it broke.

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The Domestically Disabled Diva: How to Change a Shower Curtain Liner

Every few months I am reminded that there is yet another task that somehow manages to highlight my domestic disabilities—changing the shower curtain liner.

This is a task that must be done on a regular basis, lest one plans on growing an assortment of invasive species in their shower. But like putting a new key on a keychain, it’s often complicated by a) the ridiculous metal rings that have to be opened and closed and b) the fact that I’m me. Continue reading