Dealing with Moving Stress

Stress ball

There are a few basic facts in life that we can all agree with. You’re always going to have to pay taxes, there are going to be rough days, and moving is stressful. While there’s only so much you can do to deal with that situation, it’s important to take what steps you can to handle the stress not only to make the move go more smoothly, but for your mental and emotional health, as well.

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Moving Advice for Your First Apartment

Man moving boxes

Moving is never an easy experience, but your first time has those additional number of problems that come from simply not having the experience of past moves to help guide you through the inevitable challenges and frustrations that can pop up. That first move has its unique challenges, so read on to learn some tips and advice to make that move a little less hectic and a little smoother.

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Small Signs You Can’t Ignore When Apartment Shopping

Studio apartment pic

If you’re older than 21, chances are at some point you’ve gone apartment hunting, and found out that the place that looked so good when you were touring turned out to be a disaster. While it’s easy to dress up an empty apartment to look good, there are many often overlooked signs that could indicate to you that the place you’re looking at isn’t as good a deal as it initially seems.

Take it from someone who has looked at dozens upon dozens of living areas, you’ll want to take a little bit of extra time to make sure you’re getting a good deal and not a glossed over living hell just waiting for its next victim. All you need to do to prevent yourself from being another victim is to bring a small reliable flashlight and memorize a few basic questions.

Tip 1: Test the water pressure

This sounds obvious, but it amazes me how many people don’t turn on the sinks, flush the toilets, or turn on the shower. I don’t know about you, but I deserve a nice solid shower after a hard day of work. If you notice heavily discolored water or serious pressure issues, it’s a non-starter. Move on.

Tip 2: Look at pipes and filters

Check the pipes underneath the bathroom and kitchen sink. This is where the flashlight comes in. Do you see mold? Severe discoloration around the pipes? Look for any signs of a lack of maintenance, or shoddy “cover up” work that might indicate deeper issues.

Tip 3: Ask the important questions

The rights of renters vary greatly from state to state, but there are a series of questions that you should always ask. The very short list of questions to ask them about your apartment include:

  • Have there ever been any bedbug issues or infestations?
  • Was there ever any methamphetamine production in the apartment or the building?
  • Are there any known mold issues?
  • Are there any known radon issues?
  • Is there lead paint or anything else that you should know about it?

These questions are important to make sure you’re getting the full story on the place. If you have issues later, having asked these questions can help you in court since they are often legally required to let you know of these issues.

Tip 4: Beware if the person showing the apartment shames you

There’s nothing in these tips that can be considered unreasonable so if the person showing you the place gets touchy or defensive, take that as a red flag and run. There’s always a better option somewhere!

Finding Great Deals to Furnish Your New Home

Furniture collage

Almost everyone has gone through a time when you realize you have too much stuff in your summer apartment to fit into a dorm room, or when you’re rushing to put things into storage while you find temporary housing for a few months. However, not many people talk about what can happen when the opposite occurs. How do you avoid going into major debt and a money pit when you have a large brand new house and very little furniture to fill it? Continue reading

4 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Frustrated Man

I empathize with that feeling of dread that can come from needing to move, especially if you’re going from a larger living area to a smaller one. The stress never quite goes away, no matter how often you’ve made the move before. So how will you know if you should try packing the boxes in the new closets or simply bite the bullet on a quality storage unit?

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Plan Your Move Like a Pro

Girl brainstorming ideas

You’d think after so many moves that there would come a point where you just had it down perfectly and you could make the process go smoothly every time. While I wish I could say that was the case, the truth is no matter how much moving experience you have, things can get hectic and go badly very quickly if you fall back to “trying to wing it” because you think you have enough experience to pull it off.

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4 Tips from a Pro to Make Moving Easier

Person with moving boxes

Look, let’s not pretend there is an easy, no-hassle way to move. I know from experience of over 50+ moves that no matter how often you do it, no matter how much experience you have, moving is going to be a hassle. There’s just no way around that. However, that’s not to say that you can’t learn a thing or two from an old hand at the moving game. While I’m by no means the perfect mover (and often even find myself guilty of not following all of this advice as much as I should), these experiences have helped me learn a few pieces of advice that can help anyone at least make their move a little bit easier.

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Winning Storage Tetris: 3 Tips for Utilizing Every Inch of Available Space!

Messy garage pic

Shown: messy garage not properly organized in storage.

I’m not what you’d call a pack rat, but growing up in a family that loved estate sales, flea markets, and watching Antique Roadshow on PBS, it’s easy to see why I’m far more likely to acquire a lot of new interesting things as opposed to get rid of them. If you’re like most people, you like having nice things and you love finding a good deal on something interesting but this leads to needing more storage or even (gasp) giving away treasures you spent years acquiring.

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Ship Smart so You Can Store Less!

shipping box for moving

Moving can be a stressful time whether you’re looking at a new house, sailing off into retirement, or even just making that summer move home until September swings back around for another year of college. The size of any storage unit you need to rent is going to affect how much your pocketbook gets hit. Generally speaking, the smaller the storage unit, the cheaper the price will be. Whatever your reason for shipping important items, there are several great tricks to save on shipping so you can spend less, and store less!

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