Small Bathroom Overhaul


In houses and apartments alike, one thing their inhabitants often struggle with is maximizing space in small bathrooms. How do you open up a room when you can’t add square footage? How to you maintain or add storage while trying to make a tiny space feel bigger? Can this be done without a costly renovation? Read on to learn how to overhaul your small bathroom. Continue reading

The Etiquette of Moving


During the whirlwind time of packing and moving houses, it’s easy to forget certain things. It’s really easy to forget those things that don’t involve your frantic lists and schedules. But it’s important to remember that there is an etiquette to this process. Let’s take a moment to reflect on a few dos and don’ts of moving. Continue reading

Working Without a Home Office


Most jobs have certain components that need to come home with you on a regular basis: paperwork, electronics, and items specific to your occupation. If you live in a small apartment with no designated office, it can be a challenge to store and organize your professional things at home. Finding the seclusion necessary to focus on work is also a tricky task in a small abode. However, by following these simple words of advice, you can begin to address and solve the common work-from-home woes. Continue reading

5 Things to Do with Old College Textbooks


At the end of the semester, it’s obvious what you’re looking forward to. Not the relief that comes with passing your finals, or the promise of a break filled with minimum wage labor. It’s time to sell back your books. The excitement builds as you imagine returning your books for forty, maybe even fifty percent of their original value. But often times this is not to be. The bookstore informs you there are brand new editions coming out, and your 6-month-old versions are now useless. You’re sad and bitter, yes, but don’t despair. Here are a few options for what to do with these previously essential textbooks. Continue reading

Remake Your Basement on a Budget


If you have a basement (lucky dog!), chances are it’s not working exactly how you want it to. For most people, the basement serves as an out-of-sight catchall, and is given far less attention than the rest of the house. If you’re interested in sprucing up your underground space without the high costs of renovation, check out these ideas. Continue reading

Packing to Move: Where Do I Start?


Congratulations: you’re moving! This is an exciting time, whether you’re changing apartments, becoming a first-time homeowner, or upgrading your house. No doubt the last thing you want to think about is the tedious, stressful task of packing up your entire place. However, if you start early with a few simple steps, you can make this arduous undertaking much more manageable. Continue reading

So You’re Going (Far) Away to College?


Determining where you will spend your next four years of academic life is a stressful task. If you’ve chosen a college far from home, you clearly have an adventurous spirit and strong attachment to your new school and location. But there are also challenges you will face, especially in your first year away. As you prepare to leave, keep in mind these words of advice for a successful transition. Continue reading