Military Mondays: Holiday Decoration Tips for Military Families

Welcome to Military Mondays! In this series you’ll find lots of storage tips specifically for members of military and their families posted each Monday.

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times for families of military members living on or off base together. They bring up lots of questions, such as “Where am I going to find cobs of corn while living overseas?” to “Should we store our holiday decorations or buy new ones each year since we move duty stations so often?”

While each family’s needs are different, most want to hang on to holiday decoration items from year to year. Read on for some tips on how to make storing and moving those decorations easier plus how to use them when the space isn’t permanent.

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Holiday Craft Storage Tips

holiday craft making with toolsIt’s officially the holiday season, which means crafts are in full swing! The holidays are here and if your craft area looks anything like mine, there’s ribbon and tinsel everywhere and the house always smells faintly of hot glue. One way to make sure all your holiday craft and DIY presents arrive looking like they were made with love and care is by keeping your craft area neat and tidy. Read on for some ideas on how to store and organize everything from leftover glitter – hint: only use it outside or suffer the consequence of having random glitter flecks on you for the next two months – to cardboard elf patterns.

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Packing Electronics Correctly For the Winter

tv in the snow

While the process of storing electronics may seem straightforward, it can quickly turn into a complicated and costly mess without proper planning and attention beforehand, especially during the harsh winter months. Electronics are some of the most common fragile items stored by people using self-storage units but a broken or damaged item can ruin what was supposed to be a convenient experience. Check out some of the tips below to ensure your computers, printers, robots, etc. don’t receive or cause damage while in storage this winter.

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Essential Items to Have in Your Car This Winter

The recent viral video (above) of a car owner using a sled for a spare tire during a snow storm can either be described as pure genius or downright insanity. Seriously, it could go either way.

No matter which way the judgment scales tip in the case of the – illegal? Yes? No? – sledding car, the video brings up the good point that many people don’t properly pack their vehicles for winter weather. Just throwing a protein bar into the glove compartment won’t cut it when faced with a wall of snow and using a credit card for a snow scraper won’t help dig out your tires– although it will garner a stern look from your bank when you later tell them why it broke.

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Taking Memories Into the Digital Age: How To Store and Convert Photos

photo albums

Families tend to reminisce about old memories around the holidays, often digging out photographs and rehashing some of the most embarrassing or important moments in each other’s lives together.  While grandparents – and some parents – may still have boxes and drawers full of old photos, the rest of us have become accustom to just emailing, downloading or transferring photos the digital way. Read on for easy ideas on how to store, convert and share physical photographs to help make the torturing – or rather, reminiscing with family members even easier.

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Thanksgiving in Your 20s: How to Be a Good Guest

Young adults are usually the guests at Thanksgiving dinner rather than the hosts but years of rolling out of bed at 1 p.m. on the day off from school and work (hopefully!) may not have been the best prep for being a good guest while in your 20s. While it’s wonderful not to have to prepare, clean and store/unpack household items when you attend someone else’s home for the holiday, keep in mind that being a guest does require some preparation. This guide on how to be a good Thanksgiving Day guest will breakdown everything from what to bring, what to leave at home to finally getting seated with the adults. Continue reading

How To Organize and Store Items in a Shared Closet

closet installation

Closets can make or break the sale of a house. Whether or not a home includes closets that are large enough to accommodate the average consumer has become a major selling point in today’s home market. Usually people are forced to sacrifice closet space in a home – especially while renting – resulting in closets that are overflowing, crammed full and lacking proper storage systems.

Combine unhappy, disorganized closets with the logistical problem of sharing a closet with a spouse or between children and the situation can seem downright dire. The secret to an organized, shared closet is fairly simple however and it all starts with the right mindset. Read on for how to achieve balance among the chaos. Continue reading

Rug Cleaning Made Easy

Wooden floors are back in style and the rug business is once again booming. In order to prevent toes from freezing off during the winter, soft rugs of all different textures and design – from shag to Oriental – are being bought to cover everything from the living room floor to children’s play areas. When choosing how to best care for an area rug, or any rug in a home really, advice may be conflicting or confusing. Here are some easy ideas for keeping rugs clean and beautiful for years.

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Adding Storage Space Under the Stairs

staircaseThe small, triangular space underneath a staircase has been the focus of many childhood stories. A famous boy wizard slumbers silently within one; new worlds await discovery in another and monsters hide out in almost all others. In reality however, the area usually only holds cleaning supplies or worse, is a blank spot of wasted space.

Homes with stairs already provide extra square footage to live, sleep, play or store possessions. Another, lesser taken advantage of perk is to use the space underneath the stairs for extra and unique storage and living areas. Here are three of the most common types of ways to use the space underneath the stairs. Continue reading