Plentiful Self Storage Facilities in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is located in the southern part of Texas, along the Gulf of Mexico. It has been named after the Corpus Christi College, which is a part of the University of Oxford in England. The city is located in the Nueces County, which it is the seat of, and encompasses parts of San Patricio, Aransas and Kleberg Counties. Continue reading

Preserving Your Stuff with Newark Self-Storage Units

Newark is located in New Jersey, and is the seat of Essex County. It is the most populated city in the state and is just 8 miles to the west of New York and Manhattan. Newark is a major center for transportation, shipping, commerce, business, education, culture, and tourism. Continue reading

Quality Self-Storage Choices in New Orleans

New Orleans is located in south eastern Louisiana, on the Mississippi River and along the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most important ports in the country and is one of the most distinctive cities in the country. New Orleans has long been a favorite tourist destination on account of the Mardi Gras festival, a carnival that has a long history, going back at least a couple of hundred years.

The Crescent City
Tourism is one of the biggest employers in New Orleans. The city consistently ranks as one of the best tourist destinations in the country. The biggest attraction is, of course, the annual Mardi Gras Festival. The other colorful celebrations that are large attractions in the city include the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Southern Decadence, and New Orleans’ Voodoo Experience. The major landmarks include the Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, Magazine Street, and Pontchartrain Hotel.

New Orleans is also an important center for business, as it has one of the largest ports in the country and several companies are headquartered in the city. A Fortune 500 company called Entergy operates in the city. The top employers in the city include the Tulane University, Ochsner Health System, Al Copeland Investments, Acme Truck Line, and Vinson Guard Services. The governor if this state is even trying his best to make this state even better and more competitive by eliminating the state’s income tax such as Florida did years ago.

The most prominent University in New Orleans is Tulane University, which was founded back in 1834. It is today one of a major center for research in the country. The other colleges in the area include the Herzing College, University of New Orleans, Loyola University New Orleans, Dillard University, Notre Dame Seminary, and Southern University at New Orleans.

Like any other big city, New Orleans too offers plenty of self-storage units to tourists, students, working professionals, and families that live in the city and that own businesses.

Self-Storage Facilities In and Around New Orleans
There is no dearth of storage units near New Orleans. Several companies operate storage facilities all over the city. The cost of renting out a self-storage unit will depend on the amenities offered along with storage space and the location of the storage unit. Common amenities include roll up doors, alarms, vehicle storage, and high ceilings.

New Orleans storage units that are 5’x5′ can cost upwards of $40 to rent. The “A Storage Inn” facility at Chalmette 70043 costs $45 a month to rent.

Larger New Orleans storage facilities can store cars and trucks. The “Nola” self-storage facility at LA 70129, with dimensions of 10′ x 20′, for example, can be used to store cars at $99 a month.

Making Light of Greensboro and its Self Storage Options

Greensboro is located in North Carolina, in the northwestern part of the state. The city is a part of the Guilford County and a part of the “Triad”, which is a Metro area formed by three large cities: High Point, Winston-Salem and Greensboro. The city is an important center for business, education and tourism in the region.

The Gate City
Greensboro was nicknamed the Gate City in the 1840s because of its importance as a transportation center in the state. A lot of commercial traffic is routed through the city even today. The top companies located in the city include Honda Aircraft Company, Kayser-Roth, NewBridge Bank, The Fresh Market, Biscuitville, the International Textile Group, Columbian Forest Products, Cook Out, Gilbarco Veedor-Root, RF Micro Devices and Lincoln Financial Group.

The top colleges in the region include the Elon University School of Law, Carolina Graduate School of Divinity, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro College, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a major employer in the region. The University recently constructed the Gateway University Research Park in collaboration with North Carolina A&T State University.

Sources of Fun and Identity
Greensboro is also a popular tourist destination. The top attractions in the city include the Wet n’ Wild Emerald Pointe, the Greensboro Science Center, Hagan Stone Park, The International Civil Rights Center and Museum, the Bog Garden, the Greensboro Arboretum and NewBridge Bank Park. The Wet n’ Wild Emerald Pointe is one of the most visited water parks in the country.

The residents of Greensboro, and the students and occasionally visiting tourists, sometimes require temporary storage facilities. There are several companies providing storage units near Greensboro.

Self-Storage Units in and near Greensboro
The cost of Greensboro storage units vary, depending on the size of the storage unit, the provider, the location and the amenities offered along with the storage. Typically, a small 5’ x 5’ storage unit, which is suitable for small items, can cost around $30 a month to rent.

Greensboro storage facilities generally provide amenities like alarms, climate control, roll up doors, drive up access, high ceilings (for larger units), interior storage and electricity.

Prices and Dimensions
Large storage units cost more. The Uncle Bob’s Self Storage Unit at 3511 S Holden Road, for example, has dimensions of 10’ x 20’ and costs around $102 to rent. The largest storage units can be used to store cars, trucks, and RVs.

The Best Kirkland Self-Storage Units Available

Kirkland, Washington, is located in King County. It is a part of the Eastside of Lake Washington, and is considered a suburb of Seattle, though it is a city in its own right. Kirkland is important mainly because of its proximity to Seattle. It is a regional center for education and tourism.

The Little City that Could
Kirkland is located around Lake Washington. It is bordered by Redmond (east), Kenmore, Woodinville, Bothell (north), and Bellevue (south). Downtown Kirkland is located along the shore of the Eastside of Lake Washington. There are several restaurants, public parks, art galleries and beaches in Kirkland, which attract people from the neighboring cities at all times of the year.

There are several high profile businesses based in Kirkland. Some of the most prominent ones are Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Papillon Airways, Griptonite Games, Monolith Productions, Acumatica, LTC Financial Partners and Lancs Industries. A large part of the Kirkland economy is dependent on the technology firms operating in nearby Raymond, like Google and Microsoft.

Cultural Center Points
Kirkland attracts a lot of tourists, especially in the summer months because of the waterfront parks located here. The biggest attractions in the city include the Saint Edward State Park, Bridle Trails State Park, the Kirkland Performance Center, the Kirkland Arts Center, and Peter Kirk Park. Other popular attractions include a lake cruise in Argosy and Juanita Bay Park.

There are quite a few prominent universities and colleges in and around Kirkland, including the Northwest University, the Lake Washington Technical College, and Bastyr University in Kenmore.

Kirkland is a busy little city and its residents, like the residents of any other city, need temporary storage once in a while. Several companies provide storage facilities in and around Kirkland. You can find the best storage unit deals near Kirkland on our website.

Self-Storage Unit Deals in Kirkland
Typical Kirkland storage units have dimensions of 5’x5′, suitable for storing small items. They can be rented for $40 or more a month. The price will depend on the amenities offered along with the storage. Additional amenities include roll up doors, climate control, swing doors, interior storage, high ceilings and alarms.

Large capacity Kirkland storage facilities are also available for large items. A 5’x15′ inch unit can cost upwards of $150 per month to rent.

There is no upfront cost when reserving a unit on our site, and you can choose to move in now or later. Call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Self-Storage Opportunities in Hartford CT

Hartford, Connecticut, is the state capital and was once the seat of the Hartford County, before the state stopped using the county government system. Hartford is a major center for insurance internationally. It is also an important regional center for education, healthcare, business, and tourism.

The Insurance Capital of the World
Hartford has been tagged as the “Insurance Capital of the World” on account of the numerous insurance companies headquartered or having a presence in the city. Some of the prominent companies based in the city include Aetna, Travelers, The Phoenix Companies, The Hartford, Hartford Steam Boiler, Lincoln National Corporation, and Uniprise.

Downtown Hartford is now home to a numerous new or recently shifted businesses like Sovereign Bank (at Asylum Hill), Northeast Utilities and CareCentrix.

Hartford is also provides high quality healthcare facilities to the surrounding counties. The noteworthy hospitals in Hartford include the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, The Institute of Living, Hartford Hospital, and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

The Trinity College is perhaps the most well-known institution for higher education in the city. The other noteworthy universities located in or near Hartford include the Capital Community College, The University of Connecticut School of Law, Renssalaer at Hartford, the University of Hartford and Saint Joseph College.

Hartford is a popular tourist destination. Some of the top and highly historically significant attractions in the city include the Mark Twain House, the Wadsworth Atheneum, Bushnell Park, and Hartford Public. The Mark Twain House is the place where the iconic lived with his family; the Wadsworth Atheneum is the oldest public art museum in the country; the Bushnell Park is the oldest public park; while Hartford Public is the second oldest school in the nation.

Citizens of a large city like Hartford need temporary storage space from time to time. There are several companies in the area that provide storage units near Hartford and within the city limits.

Cost of Renting Self-Storage Units in Hartford
Regular Hartford storage units, with dimensions of 5’x5′, can cost anywhere near $30 per month to rent. Additional amenities included, like climate control, interior storage, roll up doors, drive up access, electricity and alarms, can drive up the cost of the storage unit.

Larger Hartford storage units can be used to store large items like cars and trucks. They can cost upwards of $100 per month to rent. So if you need a larger size to store these items, check out our site to see what unit you like best. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Self Storage Businesses in Operation in Salt Lake

Salt Lake City is the biggest city in Utah in terms of population (189,899 – U.S. Census 2010). It is a part of the Wasatch Fort urban area in the Intermountain West region of the state. Salt Lake City is primarily known for being a banking business center, tourism hotspot and a regional hub for commerce, education, and more. Low taxes and a business friendly environment are some of the positives of this state.

The Crossroads of the West
The primary employer in Salt Lake City is Delta Air Lines center at the Salt Lake International City Airport. The other major employers in the region include Intermountain healthcare (largest health care facility), Sinclair Oil Corporation, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the University of Utah.

There are several companies based in Salt Lake City that contribute a great deal to the local economy, like the Fortune 500 entity Huntsman Corporation. Questar Corporation, Zions Bancorporation, Smith’s Food and Drug, AlphaGraphics, FranklinCovey,, Artic Circle Restaurants are some of the other major contributors to the local economy.

Salt Lake City hosts several prominent Universities like the University of Utah, Stevens-Henagar College, The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, Utah State University, LDS Business College, and Westminster College. The University of Utah is a world-renowned institute for research and medicine. The first heart transplant in the world happened here at the University back in 1982.

Salt Lake City is a very popular tourist destination. It became even more well-known, nationally and internationally, after hosting the Winter Olympics in 2002. It is a major destination for sports lovers. The Utah Jazz (NBA) is the only big league team in this state and they almost won the championship in 1997 and 1998 but fell short against Jordan’s Bulls.

The biggest attraction in Salt Lake City, apart from the skiing resorts, is the sprawling The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) building in Temple Square. The popular skiing resorts include Solitude, Snowbird, Deer Valley, Brighton, and Park City Mountain Resort but drinking alcohol is very difficult in Utah and many Americans would not consider living here for that and other reasons.

The students, tourists, working professionals and families often need temporary storage to keep their things in when the move to or out of the city. Our directory features a regularly updated listing of the best storage unit deals near Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Self-Storage Units Pricing & Dimensions
The smaller Salt Lake City storage units with dimensions of around 5’x5’ can cost about $25 per month to rent.

Larger Salt Lake City storage facilities can cost upwards of $50 per month to rent. The Storage City facility at North Salt Lake, UT 84054, for example, costs $65 per month to rent average, with dimensions of 10’x10′.

Sacramento Storage Units at a Glance

Sacramento, California, is the capital of the state and the seat of the Sacramento County. The city is located at the joining of the American River and the Sacramento River, towards the northern end of the Central Valley area in the state. The city is an important hub for healthcare, education, business, and culture.

The River City
Sacramento, for obvious reasons, is nicknamed the River City. The capital enjoys a mild climate, which, coupled with the local attractions and the natural beauty of the region, has helped make it a popular vacation destination.

The city is the location of the headquarters of several companies, like Aerojet, Blue Diamond Growers, the McClatchy Company, and Sutter Health. The top employers in the city include the state government, which employs a very large percentage of the population, followed by the county government, the UC Davis Health System, Intel, the local county schools and other healthcare facility providers. Sacramento has amazing weather but because of taxes and regulations, small businesses have been crushed and have left Sacramento for Nevada, Arizona, and/or Texas.

A Terrible Baseball Program
Sacramento hosts one of the most well-known universities in the country: California State University, which is nicknamed Sac State University and had a horrendous baseball coach in the 1990s. Many people say Coach Smith should not have been a Division I baseball coach because he was out of his league and the school administration should have determined that after the first 2-3 seasons of Sac State becoming Division I. The university enrolls as many as 28,000 students annually. The cost of attending has increased dramatically this century compared to the late 20th century because California has mismanaged its money.

The other prominent universities in Sacramento included the Art Institute of California – Sacramento, The University of California, the UC Davis School of Medicine, the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, and the University of Southern California. The UC Davis School of Medicine is a part of the iconic UC Davis Medical Center, which is one of the best-rated hospitals in the world.

A city of the size and scope of Sacramento, with its large student, tourist and working population, experiences a regular need for storage. Several companies offer storage facilities near Sacramento.

Self-Storage in Sacramento
The most popular Sacramento storage units are small, and have dimensions of 5’x5′. They can be rented for upwards of $30 per month – the price varies, depending on the additional facilities offered, like alarms, electricity, roll up doors, interior storage and drive up access.

Larger Sacramento storage units can be used to store large items, including and up to trucks and RVs. CubeSmart Self Storage, for example, are offering a 10’x20′ unit for rent for around $120 per month, with 15% off and two months free. They also provide a truck for moving.

Our directory offers a regularly updated list of the best storage unit deals near Sacramento, so keep checking back for more deals.

Outstanding Self Storage Units in Rochester NY to Choose From

Rochester is the seat of the Monroe County, New York. It is located to the south of the Lake Ontario and is one of the three biggest cities in the state, after New York and Buffalo. Rochester is consistently ranked as amongst the best places to live in, in America. It is an important national center for business, commerce, education, imaging, and culture.

The Flower City
Rochester is tagged as the “Flower City” because it hosts the Lilac Festival at Highland Park each year. Rochester is also known as the imaging capital of the world because of the high number of imaging related businesses operating here. Some of the prominent businesses in the city include Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Gleason Corporation, Rohrbach Brewing Company, Ambrosia Software, Carestream Health, Fee Brothers, Hickey Freeman, and North American Brewsters.

The University of Rochester is one of the most prominent Universities in the country and has a top-rated imaging program. It is also the top employer in the city, surpassing Kodak. The other prominent educational institutions operating in or near Rochester include Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester Institute of Technology (Henrietta), the Empire State College (Irendequiot), and St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry (Pittsford).

Rochester is also a popular destination for the tourists. Some of the top attractions in the city include the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, Little Theatre, Eastman Business Park, Seneca Park Zoo, Rochester’s Public Market, Strasenburgh Planetarium, and the Times Square Building. The East End district in Rochester is famed for its nightlife.

Rochester is a rapidly expanding city, and its citizens, not to mention the visiting tourists, students and working professionals, need temporary storage space from time to time. Several companies offer storage units near Rochester, check our directory for more details.

Self-Storage Facilities in Rochester
The smallest Rochester storage units are currently are 5’x10’. They can cost anywhere from $50 to $80 (or more) to rent per month. The cost depends on the facilities offered along with the unit, like alarms, climate controlled storage, easy drive up access, roll up doors and interior storage. The Perinton Mini Storage facility at Fairport, NY 14450, for example, offers a 5’x10′ unit for $80 per month to rent. They provide a free lock with the rental.

Larger units (10’x20′ or more) can store larger items, even cars and trucks. They cost upwards of a hundred dollars per month to rent. You can find the best storage unit deals near Rochester in our directory.

Finding a Self Storage Unit for your Antiques

If you are planning a house move in the near future and are concerned about the safety of your antiques or valuable items during the move, you should consider storage as an option for your items. Companies offering to do house removals Bath wide should be well versed in moving delicate or fragile items, but if you are looking for complete peace of mind then self storage could be the option for you.

Heirlooms and fragile antiques are not just valuable, but in many cases are irreplaceable. Putting them into a suitable self storage area for the move will not only ensure they are protected during the moving process, but will also give you some breathing space while you decide what you are going to bring back into your new home and where it should go.

Picking a self-storage unit should be undertaken with some consideration. Old items of furniture or decorative pieces are fragile, and should therefore be treated with additional care on top of what you would normally look for. Some of the features you should consider for your storage space include:

Climate control
Extreme temperatures can warp, damage or even fracture fragile items, particularly aged wood and ceramics. Dampness and condensation can similarly cause irreparable damage to fragile pieces. For this reason look for a storage unit that is climate controlled, as this will mean no matter what the outside temperature is doing, your belongings are kept at a moderate and constant temperature. Maintaining a regular temperature in the unit will also control the humidity and reduce the likelihood of damp and condensation.

You will want to make sure your items are kept as safe, if not safer, than you would in your own home. Look for storage units offering CCTV, key code entry and 24 hour security personnel to ensure that they are kept safe and sound until you need them again.

Your storage unit will ideally be near to your new house rather than your old one. Once you are settled at the new place, you won’t want to travel all the way back to your old area to retrieve your items, so get them moved to a storage facility nearer to your new town. For the physical removals Bath residents will find companies offering house removals Bath wide often have specialist teams for these types of jobs, but do ensure they are qualified and experienced enough to handle your items before allowing them to start the job.

You don’t want to risk unnecessary strain or damage to your items by having to lug them up flights of stairs or cram to get where they are going, so if you can’t secure a unit on the ground floor make sure the facility is equipped with a lift. Find out what the procedure is for retrieving your items and the hours in which you can access the unit to collect and deliver items to the unit.

Before you put your antiques or valuables into storage, get some professional advice on packing and securing these items for storage. You may need the advice of a specialist in terms of how to protect legs, avoid moisture being trapped near the items and how to minimise any chemical infiltration caused by your choice of packing materials

Author Bio: Tony is a writer and environmental enthusiast. Apart from writing about DIY guides, and home improvement tips, he is concerned about creating awareness about modern home decor ideas and self storage ideas, relocation tips some simple steps like Man and van services in bath, saving money, using modern techniques and implementing right technology can help. That’s exactly what Tony loves to write about.