6 Technology Solutions to Make Your Move Easier

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Moving Technology

There’s no doubt about it — moving can be a bit of an overwhelming undertaking. Between packing up, finding movers, and navigating your new neighborhood, you’ll frequently find yourself in those frustrating situations where you feel like you simply don’t have enough time, space, resources, or hands to pull this thing off.

Luckily, in today’s digital age, you no longer need to rely solely on the age-old tactic of bribing your friends with pizza and beer in order to streamline your move. There are plenty of apps, websites, and other helpful platforms that can help you out. Check out these six different technology solutions that will transform relocation from a burden to a breeze!


As a visual list tool, Trello can be helpful in organizing a bunch of varying aspects of your move. You don’t need to be a tech whiz in order to put this to good use, as the interface is pretty simple and user-friendly.

On your main Trello board, you’ll create lists — columns that are organized horizontally across the page. You can have as many lists as you desire, and label them in a way that works for you. Each list contains separate items, called “cards”, which can be easily dragged and dropped between the different lists. The cards are pretty handy themselves, with the ability to include checklists, deadlines, colored labels, images, and attachments.

So, how can you apply this handy gizmo to your moving process? Well, the options are pretty much limitless! You can set up your Trello board like a calendar, with a list for each day of the week. Then organize your to-do items as cards on each day. Or, you can create lists for larger parts of your move, such as “Packing” and “Movers”. Then organize related information pertaining to those categories on the card.

Pretty handy, right? This resource is especially helpful for people who are visual and like to see their tasks and to-dos all mapped out!


If you’re just looking for some extra hands to help you with your move, you probably don’t want to waste time sifting through quotes for moving trucks and vans. That’s where HireAHelper comes in!

As an online resource for searching, comparing prices, and seeing reviews of labor-only movers, HireAHelper makes it simple to find those extra hands you desperately need. “Just enter your zip code, the dates you need, choose the number of helpers and hours you need them for, and you can book them right from the site,” explains Mike Glanz, HireAHelper’s CEO.

All you need to do is rent a truck or shipping container separately, and you should be ready to tackle your move! It might sound like a hassle to handle both things separately, but it might just save you some cash. Oftentimes, finding movers and renting a truck individually is less expensive than going the full-service route.

My Move

If you’re searching for a one-stop-shop to help make your move smoother, the app My Move is the companion you’ve been waiting for. Available for Apple and Android, My Move helps you conquer a variety of moving related tasks, including finding movers, making lists, reading reviews, and estimating costs.

“This app is great for someone who is too busy to remember to bring a pad of paper and a pen around during the moving process,” shares Taylor Berg, Director of Strategy at Deck Media, “Everything is right there on their phone!”


Incubated out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, you know this resource has to be helpful and thorough.

QuikForce makes moving simple,” explains Desmond Lim, QuikForce’s Founder, “With a few clicks, QuikForce will collect all the information needed for your move and match you with a moving company that will best serve your moving needs.”

The website utilizes a data-driven approach to analyze all of the variables that are involved in moving, including the size and type of move, heavy items, location, timing, stairs, and other special packing or disassembly help that you might need. Then, their algorithm matches you with a moving company that is best fitted for you in terms of pricing, service, and location.

A customized solution that helps to ease the stress of your move? It’s what dreams are made of!


Although not specifically targeted towards individuals, you might want to check if your company offers a solution like UrbanBound if you’re uprooting yourself for a job. “UrbanBound is a web-based Relocation Management Software that helps companies offer a comprehensive platform to their newly hired or transferring employees,” states Kinga Skowronek, Brand and Buzz Coordinator for UrbanBound.

The platform offers resources for employees to plan and organize their entire relocation, while being connected to suppliers who offer preferred pricing through their exclusive group buying power. “UrbanBound aims to bring order instead of chaos and excitement instead of stress,” Skowronek adds.


When it comes to moving, navigating your way around your new neighborhood can be incredibly intimidating. But, an app like Waze can help you find exactly what you’re looking for—and get you there fast!

The application will assist you in finding spots to pick up all of your necessities, including gas, groceries, or even a quick dinner after a day full of hauling boxes. Even better, it alerts you of traffic issues or accidents so you can find the fastest route to where you need to go — which is especially helpful if you’re running late to meet your movers or landlord!

Moving is hard work, and with everything there is to do, it’s easy to start to feel completely overwhelmed. But, don’t panic yet! Put some of these apps and platforms to work and start checking things off your moving to-do list.

Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard is a Midwest-based freelance writer and blogger who loves lending her voice to a variety of publications and organizations. When she manages to escape from behind her computer screen, she enjoys reading, babying her rescued terrier mutt and obsessively organizing her entire home.
Kat Boogaard
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About Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard is a Midwest-based freelance writer and blogger who loves lending her voice to a variety of publications and organizations. When she manages to escape from behind her computer screen, she enjoys reading, babying her rescued terrier mutt and obsessively organizing her entire home.

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