Small Bathroom Overhaul

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In houses and apartments alike, one thing their inhabitants often struggle with is maximizing space in small bathrooms. How do you open up a room when you can’t add square footage? How to you maintain or add storage while trying to make a tiny space feel bigger? Can this be done without a costly renovation? Read on to learn how to overhaul your small bathroom.

Trick of the light.

Adding light will automatically create a feeling of spaciousness. Soft but plentiful ambient lighting is optimal. Choose light paint colors for the walls and paint the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade to add height to the room. Large mirrors will reflect light and space to open up your bathroom.

Accessorize carefully.

A pedestal sink is a smart choice for a cramped bathroom; it takes up about one-third the space of a normal vanity and comes in several stylish varieties. If you still need options for storage, consider shallow cabinets in white or blonde wood tones. Ladder towel racks are a fun, contemporary option for storage in a small bathroom. Finish your shower or bathtub with a clear glass door rather than a shower curtain to eliminate visual barriers and give a modern feel to the room. Choose small scale fixtures; they will be appropriate for the size of your bathroom and make the space feel bigger.

If budget is not a concern…

Think about installing a wall-hung toilet. The tank hides within the wall itself, and it gives your bathroom about nine extra inches of space. Installing a skylight is a great way to take advantage of natural light, as most bathrooms are interior rooms without windows of their own. Adding recessed storage into walls is a way to add beauty and storage to your bathroom. It frees up counter space and reduces the need for bulky cabinets or chests. If your bathroom is just not working in its current configuration, think about changing the floor plan. Sometimes a new layout is what a cramped, challenging space needs to be functional.

Whether you intend to just freshen the paint and add new fixtures, or go for a full-scale remodel, there are options for your bathroom. A small space needn’t be a confining space, and with these tips you’ll soon be on your way to making your bathroom the light, airy space you’ve always wanted.


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