Home Improvement Projects for Kids

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Projects around the house can really pile up, especially when you have young kids who demand much of your attention. But what if you could harness the infinite energy of children and use it to help accomplish these tasks? There are several home improvement jobs your kids can do, and might actually be excited to help with.

Sorting their belongings.

This is a job that must be done almost constantly, but not necessarily by you. Kids are always acquiring new toys, growing out of clothes, and creating tons of artwork and crafts. Periodically have them sort through these things, creating piles to keep, store, or donate. This not only helps you keep their rooms organized, but also teaches them about moderation and the importance of giving to those who have less.


A fun springtime project is finally taking care of that room you’ve been meaning to paint. Depending on their ages, the kids can do quite a bit of work, from helping to tape off edges, to fine brush detail work, to using the big rollers. And everyone will love painting pictures on the wall before the new coat goes on.


Winter is finally fading and it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and beautify your yard. Let your kids help you choose plants and flowers from a garden store, then show them the steps to planting and caring for them. This will captivate even the youngest of children, and they will enjoy seeing their plants grow and taking care of them long past the original planting.

Small Repairs.

Any job is an opportunity for a learning experience. If you see a problem around the house, even if it would take just a minute to fix it yourself, find your child and let him or her help. These types of repairs or tasks could include fixing a leaky pipe, changing an air filter, fixing a running toilet, nailing down a creaky floorboard, tightening a loose hinge, or putting up a new light fixture. Older kids can be active participants, while younger kids can watch, hand you tools, and ask questions.

So the next time you’re feeling frustrated with the lack of time you have to accomplish all your household tasks, remember: you have free labor under your roof. Your kids will feel proud that you entrusted them with real jobs, they will learn home improvement skills, and you will start whittling away at that vast to-do list.

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