The Etiquette of Moving

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During the whirlwind time of packing and moving houses, it’s easy to forget certain things. It’s really easy to forget those things that don’t involve your frantic lists and schedules. But it’s important to remember that there is an etiquette to this process. Let’s take a moment to reflect on a few dos and don’ts of moving.

When asking friends to help you move…

Don’t choose a day where something much better is going on. If you pick the day of the Superbowl, the day of a mutual friend’s wedding, or the only sunny and warm day in the extended forecast, chances are no one will help. Also, make sure you provide a nice incentive like pizza and beer.

Keep your neighbors in the loop.

Your neighbors likely became intensely curious about your plans the moment your “for sale” sign went up in the yard. When you have new information, make sure you share it with them. They’ll especially want to know when you plan on leaving and if you know anything about the people who bought the house.

Don’t stress out the Department of Sanitation.

As you prepare to pack and move, you will come up with a lot of extra trash. Some of it will be big, and all of it will be more than your trash collectors are used to handling. You have two general options: 1) Talk to your collectors in advance and ask if they would be willing to deal with a few weeks of higher volume, if you paid them extra. 2) Hire a haul-away company that specifically deals with large items and large quantities.

Clean the house.

It may seem obvious, but many previous homeowners leave their homes in disarray after moving out. Make sure you not only remove all your belongings and trash, but also vacuum, sweep, and mop away the extra dust and dirt that has collected over the past few weeks. The next owners will be extremely grateful and you know you’re hoping for the same treatment when you move into your new place.

Leave pertinent items.

Don’t forget to set out extra keys (front door, back door, mailbox, etc.) and garage door openers. A super nice thing to do would also be to leave a note explaining any particular quirks about the house that might be helpful.

There are few times when you are as stressed as when you’re moving. It seems like everything is happening at once, and all the responsibility is falling on your shoulders. The people around you will likely cut you a great deal of slack, but it’s also important to remember and appreciate their roles. With the support of your community, you will sail through this transition and soon enjoy a calmer time in a new home.

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