Working Without a Home Office

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Most jobs have certain components that need to come home with you on a regular basis: paperwork, electronics, and items specific to your occupation. If you live in a small apartment with no designated office, it can be a challenge to store and organize your professional things at home. Finding the seclusion necessary to focus on work is also a tricky task in a small abode. However, by following these simple words of advice, you can begin to address and solve the common work-from-home woes.

Choose a space.

You don’t need a separate room, but you should have a designated space for your work that is not to be invaded. A nook in the kitchen, a corner of the living room, or a walk-in closet are great options. Arrange the furniture in a way that separates your area from the rest of the room, and consider a room divider for privacy. Bookcases and plants with stands also create a functional separation in the room.

Be creative.

Making your small apartment accommodate an office space will require many of the same skills you used to make it functional for general daily living. Choose a storage desk that uses space effectively and has compartments that will suit your needs. Add shelving above your desk for extra storage. If you have a walk-in closet you can convert, consider purchasing a freestanding wardrobe to put elsewhere in the bedroom. Once you rearrange belongings and move your clothes out, space becomes available for your office. Install an extra level of wiring shelving for papers, receipts, etc. above your desk inside the closet.

Focus on function.

Don’t be intimidated by the fancy home offices out there. This is a place to catch up on some work responsibilities and does not need to be a luxurious retreat that you never want to leave. The main functional aspects you’ll want to meet are the ability to store everything you need and the ability to deliver the (semi) seclusion necessary to focus on your tasks.

While it is everyone’s dream to leave all professional responsibilities at the workplace, this is often not practical. But what can soften the blow of needing to work at home is the promise of a private, functional space in which to toil—even within your modest apartment. Consider these simple steps toward making an apartment-friendly office space for work and storage.


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