Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger

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One of the most common challenges you face as a city-dweller is making your small apartment feel bigger. Fortunately, there are many solutions—some are sneaky tricks to create the illusion of space, while others are substantial changes that will impact your daily living. But we can all agree that an airy, welcoming living space is the goal as we examine our home and our habits.

Through the looking glass.

We all know that mirrors are a great addition to a small space, because they reflect light and give the impression of extra room. But glass is also a handy trait in furniture. Clear coffee tables, dining tables, and shelving add to the illusion of space because you see the entire scope of the room, rather than many divisions created by opaque furniture.

Less is more.

When you moved into your apartment, did you keep in mind the size of your furniture? If your bed, tables, couch, etc. are not to scale with your home, the space will feel cramped. Clearing out unnecessary clutter is another simple thing you can do to give your place a more open feel. But if you find it hard to part with many of your belongings, consider double-duty furniture. Storage beds, storage ottomans, and desks with closed storage are great options for stowing treasures out of sight.

Lighten up.

In a small apartment, natural light is your greatest asset. Don’t block windows with furniture or heavy window treatments. If you have dark flooring (and a healthy budget), think about resurfacing or replacing in a lighter tone. Putting down an area rug is another solution for a tighter budget. Painting can also have a huge impact at a relatively low cost. Lighten wall colors and kitchen cabinets for a dramatic transformation that is crisp, clean, and inviting.

Put it on the wall.

Sometimes in small space, the only place to go is up. Wall storage is a huge part of living in a smaller home. Floating shelves and bins are obvious choices, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Anything you put on the wall—from bikes and records to plants and exercise equipment—becomes a work of art.

While living in a small apartment may feel like a drag sometimes, it has definite advantages. There is less to maintain, less waste, and it forces you to use every space to its full potential. Now, with these ideas for maximizing the space you have, you can begin to give your home the open feel you’ve always wanted.


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