Repurpose! It Just Might Solve Your Storage Dilemmas

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At some point, everyone will encounter a frustrating lack of storage space in his or her home. However, it may not always be space we’re lacking; it’s also how we organize our things. Before donating or selling unused items around the house, ask yourself if they could be repurposed to solve some of those incessant storage problems.

The dresser.

If you have an old dresser sitting around collecting dust, you might want to think about relocating it to the kitchen. It will give you much needed storage space as a kitchen island. Individual drawers can be left intact to house small utensils and cutting boards, while bigger, open areas can be used for pots and pans, cookbooks, and mixing bowls. Cover the top with butcher block, or any non-porous countertop surface, and you’re good to go.

The lunch box.

You or your kids probably have at least a few of those metal lunch boxes that have maintained popularity. While they are still cool to carry around, the characters they display fall in and out of favor pretty fast. Use previously loved lunch boxes to organize small items like craft supplies, collections, electronics, or sewing notions. They’re also a good size for small games like cards or jacks, and stamps with stamp pads.

The wooden crate.

This is an insidious item you may not even realize you have. They come with everything, from wine and beer to produce and tools. Pick out a few that are in good shape, paint or stain if you like, and attach them to the wall for floating storage. They can hold books and decorative items in the living room, or towels and soap in the bathroom. They have a warm, rustic look, and give you storage space that is out of the way.

The coffee can.

Depending on your caffeine needs, you might have quite a collection of these, but other large containers work, too. Instead of tossing them when you’re done, remove their labels, run them through the dishwasher, and make them into canisters for pantry storage. You can now have your pasta, dried beans, rice, even dog and cat food well organized in uniform storage containers. Re-label using stickers or chalkboard labels.

The rain gutter.

If you have sections of rain gutter taking up space in the garage or waiting in the trash pile, there’s still a use for them. When mounted on the wall, they make great bookshelves. This is especially fun to have right next to your kids’ beds, so they can keep a few books handy for bedtime reading. When installed in the kitchen, rain gutters also provide the perfect place to store fresh herbs indoors. And they take up no counter space!

So, if you’re experiencing frustration at your lack of storage options, think twice about some of your unused household items. You may find that the answer to your problems is a forgotten object in the back of a closet. Be creative and start making those items work for you.

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