Making the Most of Your Garage

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For most people, finding enough storage in their homes is a big issue. However, many dismiss the idea of garage storage before considering the many solutions it offers. And if your home has no basement or usable attic, you must find a way to make that garage work for your storage needs. Here are a few tips.

Weed out unnecessary tools.

Many duplicate tools (and many irrelevant tools, depending on how handy you are) are undoubtedly in your garage. After years of amassing tool kits and receiving gadgets as gifts, it’s a good idea to pare down. You don’t need 7 flat-head and 10 Phillips head screwdrivers. Maybe that circular saw isn’t getting much use. Letting go of unused space-wasters is your first step.

Overhead racks.

These racks attach to ceiling joists in your garage, providing sturdy storage that also keeps your possessions safe from dirt and moisture. They’re a great way to free up space in your garage for things you use regularly like tools, kids’ toys, and maybe your car.

Shelving and pegboard and hooks, oh my!

Wire shelving units are great for organizing bins of smaller items (one for gardening tools and gloves, one for light bulbs, etc.). It’s also a good idea to use the highest shelf for harmful substances like anti-freeze, weed killers, and windshield wiper fluid, so they are out of reach of kids and animals. Use the pegboard for all your tools that inevitably get buried in the toolbox. It’s nice to take a quick, visual inventory when you’re looking for something. Sturdy metal hooks are ideal for large items such as the leaf blower, shovels, and bikes. Like the overhead racks, wall storage gets these things off the floor and out of the way.

Banish your less valuable car to the driveway. (Or, if it’s a one-car garage, your car.)

This isn’t anyone’s favorite solution, and it’s certainly a last resort, but sometimes there’s no way out. But look on the bright side: this can serve as a motivator. If the amount of stuff you own has caused you to evict your car, give yourself a deadline by which to have cleared out enough space to move it back in. Hopefully this realization will occur in the warm months, and you can give yourself until the first frost to get organized. That way you won’t be scraping your car all winter.

If you feel trapped in your storage-unfriendly home, you may be overlooking the solution to your problems. By organizing and adding some accessories to your garage, you can create the perfect space to house both your indoor and outdoor belongings.


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