Start Your Spring Cleaning NOW

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It may only be February, but now is the best time to start thinking about spring cleaning. If you’re feeling confused and reluctant, read on.

Why now?

A fair question. Most people don’t think of getting their houses in order during the dead of winter, but think about it: it’s gray, cold, and you’re quite possibly covered in a foot of snow. When spring hits and the weather improves, the last think you’ll want to be doing is sorting through books and records in your basement. And if you start now, there’s less to do later (fact).

Make the transition.

Now is the time to clear out holiday decorations and pack up seasonal items. Take the time to sort through them and gauge what you really want to keep. If three boxes of lights and ornaments have remained untouched these last couple years, it’s probably time to let them go.

Create a strategy.

Make specific goals to have accomplished by spring break. A big problem with traditional Spring Cleaning is it gets overwhelming, and you end up accomplishing about half of the stuff you set out to do.

Set manageable goals like: have all holiday decor organized for next year, decide once and for all the purpose of that third bedroom, and go through your closets to make a pile for donation. These are great winter activities that will make you bitter about being stuck inside if you save them for spring. And if you find you’ve succeeded in your endeavors and it’s only the end of March, you’ll be much more likely to tackle the garage project and landscaping, now that the weather’s warming up.

Start strong.

Begin by working on the things that bother you most. If you can’t walk through the kitchen without feeling intense anger at the disorganized cabinets, or the sad color of your home office makes you put off work, those need your attention first. Once you clear out those big-ticket items that have been weighing on your mind, you’ll find you can easily tackle the other jobs on your list.

Ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to get friends and family involved. If you have a daunting task you’ve been putting off, making a social event out of it may be just the thing to motivate you. Have a painting party, a clear-out-the-basement party, or a resurface-the-hardwood party. By adding the word “party” and providing refreshments, you can effectively trick your friends into thinking their having a good time while providing free labor. You can also offer to reciprocate should they need help of their own.

Don’t let the “spring” label fool you: major cleaning jobs need several phases to be successful, and now is the time to start. Good luck!

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