2015: 6 Steps to a Happier, More Organized You

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It’s January! We’ve said goodbye to 2014 and now is a great time to think about how to make your life easier in the coming year with 6 easy steps.

2015: The year of the clean house. The year of the properly organized tax files. The year of the sane person.

And you will need to address your muddled mind before anything else. As your stuff piles up, so does your mental clutter. Try living with less. Take some art off the walls, keep only furniture you regularly use, and cut out the knick-knacks.  Be decisive. Be creative. And get it out of your house. Your mind is given less to process and you may find you feel calmer and more at peace.

Consider a self storage unit for seasonal and heirloom items

This is a great time to get that reasonably priced self-storage unit you’ve always wanted. These units are perfect for storing family heirlooms, off-season clothes and decorations, odd and extensive personal collections, as well as the art and furniture you’re trying to live without.


Do a good deed and share in the reward. And don’t feel like you must keep everything anyone has ever given you. If you’re getting bogged down in sentimental clutter, consider taking photographs of these items to be made into a special keepsake photo book.

Utilize closed storage.

Put things in bins and tubs and plain shoeboxes to create a streamlined, modern feel in your home. Closed storage gives you an organized look, even if you have trouble keeping it up. You can use luggage tags to label these receptacles if you failed to get them embroidered at Pottery Barn.

Control the chaos in the junk drawer.

First, admit that the “junk drawer” may have become more like a series of junk cabinets and a pantry. Keep a few small containers inside the drawer to keep it organized while also clustering related items. If you have the space, designate a junk drawer (or area) for each member of the family, so everyone is responsible for his or her own black hole of crap.

Stick command hooks everywhere.

For real. They solve everything from jewelry storage to hanging baskets of tools in the garage. They keep clutter off your shelves and surfaces as well as off your mind. Put them on the inside of cabinet doors for out-of-sight storage in the bathroom and kitchen.

If all else fails, go to IKEA.

A yellow-shirted fellow will fix all your problems.

So, if you look around your house and can’t see past the mountains of junk, don’t feel discouraged.  Take it one step at a time, and remember:  you have all year to get it right.  Good luck!

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