Lock up the NRA and the GOP

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Enough already!

Enough already!

I know that this is a storage blog, but I’ve been pretty pissed off lately, and I’m not really feeling like writing one of those “nine ingenious couch cushion cleaning solutions” articles today. I don’t understand how an entire country of people seems to be going insane and no one is doing a damn thing about it. So, today you’re getting my rant about what the hell is wrong with the world today. To make it fit into the expected format, you’ll be getting two problems that we should be able to lock away if we just decided to DO SOMETHING about it.

How many children have to die before we do something about guns?

The NRA claims that guns don’t kill people, people do. But to quote Eddie Izzard, “I think the gun helps.” They claim that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. Fine. But why is it such a problem to run a damn background check. The president of the NRA, Wayne “Kill Em All” Pierre pulled a John Kerry quality flip flop, being for universal background checks before he was against them. His claim is that making sure that a gun buyer isn’t a homicidal schizophrenic who blames his elementary school for his problems doesn’t buy a gun with a 50 round magazine is taking away his liberty. He didn’t think that in 1999 when he said this:

We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory instant background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere, for anyone.

That was about one month after Columbine, one of the first major school shootings to reach the national consciousness. And he was reasonable.

I guess watching children at school and people worshiping in Milwaukee get shot for fifteen years made him change his mind. Apparently, he decided, what we really need in this country is to have no clue whatsoever who owns a gun, because freedom, I guess.

He seems strangely unconcerned about car registration, drivers licenses, business permits, liquor licenses, or any of the thousand other things that we are required to get government permission before doing. Strange that the only one he’s worried about is the one that has almost no legitimate purpose other than harming someone or something else.

I’ve shot everything from handguns to semiautomatic “assault” rifles, whatever that means, so I’m not oblivious to the pleasure of shooting. All that I’m asking is this, and I’ll type it real big to make it easy to read: WHY IS IT AN INFRINGEMENT ON YOUR RIGHTS TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU’RE NOT LIKELY TO MURDER A SCHOOL FULL OF CHILDREN?

I don’t want to take everyone’s guns away from them – unless they’re insane and a danger to society. Then, you’re damn right I want to take away your guns. And cram them into a storage unit. Climate controlled, of course… Don’t want that ammo to get ruined. I guess.

How many people have to die for the right wing to work WITH the rest of the country on health care?

We spend more money on health care than any other country in the world, so you would be forgiven if you thought that meant that we have the best health care system in the world. But, nope!

We have the best health care system in the world, if you’re rich. If you’re poor, it’s crap. Basically, you should die quickly, because you can’t afford to pay the price of living.

It doesn’t have to be this way! We could fix it. We have simply chosen not to. Profits for BigPharma are more important than the health of actual people. This problem is one that Democrats and Republicans can share some blame for.

But they don’t share that blame equally. Not even close.

Democrats have been trying to do the right thing for seventy years. Harry Truman wanted universal health care. Lyndon Johnson wanted universal health care. Jimmy Carter wanted universal health care. Bill Clinton wanted universal health care. Barack Obama wanted universal health care.

Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and two Bushes didn’t.

And regardless of what the idiots on Fox News tell you, we still don’t. Universal health care would cover everyone. That’s what makes it universal. Duh. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t even come close.

Why? Because it depends on private companies. And it doesn’t guarantee insurance. What’s so hard about single payer?

It’s easy: you get sick? Go to a doctor. Maybe you have a copay. So you pay it. Then you go pick up medicine. You pay a copay. And then you feel better.

Sound like what you do now? That’s because you have insurance! Why should a healthy life be determined by whether your boss offers insurance? It shouldn’t. It should be a right for all Americans, not just the rich.

So what are we locking away in our storage space for this one? I don’t know. Let’s go with Ted Cruz and the Heritage Foundation. Throw away the key.

Also, being against health care AND paid time off for being sick should be criminal.

The wrap

I’ve had it with people who intentionally or ignorantly refuse to implement obvious solutions to major problems. Instead, they hide behind some false understanding of freedom that seems based on the simple and evil misconception that every man is an island, and everyone else can just screw off.

Oh, the storage locker thing. Lock ’em all up in there together. See how long they last in a locker with guns but without health care.


Ken is the Director of Content and Promotions for the Online Self Storage Directory blog. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals, obscure historical trivia, and the incredible beards on Civil War generals.
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Ken is the Director of Content and Promotions for the Online Self Storage Directory blog. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals, obscure historical trivia, and the incredible beards on Civil War generals.