Storage Spotlight: A Storage Inns

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a storage inns logoTwo notes: first, in the interest of full disclosure, the subject of the following article, Howard Price, is my father-in-law. Second, a note on wording. The storage company that Howard runs is called “A Storage Inns,” the plural form. Each individual facility is called, “A Storage Inn,” the singular form. It gets a little confusing, and sometimes it looks like I got confused. So, each facility is A Storage Inn, and all of them combined are A Storage Inns. Ok. Moving along!

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to tour several storage facilities with the President of A Storage Inns, Howard Price. A Storage Inns is a storage management company based in St. Louis, with facilities on both sides of the bi-state area, plus one in Florida. Howard has been in the storage industry for sixteen years, and has been with A Storage Inns for fifteen of those years. He has earned a reputation for profitably and ethically running his facilities.

The first thing that you should notice when you pull into A Storage Inn facility is the big orange facade. Enter into the office to meet with one of his professional managers, and you’ll find a clean and modern business office / storefront. This office is the nerve center of the operation.

The operation, by the way, is state of the art by storage standards. The facilities are secured using functional, always-on security cameras that can be monitored from the office. In addition, access to the units is controlled through a number pad, where each tenant has their own PIN. When a tenant moves out, they no longer have access. Simple.

Additionally, managers have computer systems that help them keep track of tenants, payments, units, and much, much more. And this leads us to one thing that sets A Storage Inns apart from the competition: the managers.

Howard believes in hiring experienced managers, giving them ongoing training and support, then allowing them freedom in the operation of the facilities. His managers tend to be storage veterans hired away from the big players in the business. As often as not, the managers come to A Storage Inns because they know that they will be trusted to do what they do best: give their tenants the best possible storage experience.

Every employee of the company – from ownership to Howard to the facility and office managers to the full-time maintenance staff – is empowered to help the company provide the best storage value possible for tenants. When I spoke to the managers, they were all well-versed in the advantages and disadvantages of various locks, had numerous tips for efficiently packing storage units, and understood clearly what it takes to keep consumers happy.

And Howard gives his managers a chance to wheel and deal. Now, his managers can’t give units away, but they do have the ability to work with potential renters to meet their needs. Furthermore, they are not a cold-hearted corporation. Storage auctions are not viewed as a chance to earn some easy money, but instead as an opportunity lost to help a customer during a difficult time. They always want to know the same thing: why didn’t the customer call? A customer losing a unit filled with furniture is sad, but losing family pictures is tragic. Howard and his managers know that what they help protect is not just stuff. What they help people store is part of their life.

The Wrap

A Storage Inns is a high-quality, modern storage management company that runs ten facilities in Missouri, Illinois, and Florida. The facilities are secure and up-to-date. And, perhaps most importantly, they care about their customers.


Ken is the Director of Content and Promotions for the Online Self Storage Directory blog. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals, obscure historical trivia, and the incredible beards on Civil War generals.