Top 6 Tips For Winter Moving

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By Czarina Carden, is a consumer resource for researching, reaching and reviewing reputable moving companies.

Baby, it’s cold outside. But you really can’t stay?

If you’re planning a winter move, bravo! We admire your courage.

Winter moving might seem daunting, with the extra prep and stress of having to do battle with the elements. But it can also mean more cost savings if you hire professional moving services. Business is slow this time of year, so movers are usually more willing to compete for your business and accommodate your schedule.

Like any big undertaking, a little planning goes a long way. Read on for our top tips to keep you safe, warm and sane when moving in the face of snow, ice, frigid temperatures and other trying winter obstacles.

1. Dress For Success

Suit up for the occasion in warm layers, water-resistant/non-slip boots and gloves with a firm grip. Dressing appropriately will not only keep you warm, but also safe as you trek back and forth schlepping your stuff or supervising your movers. Slipping or falling is dangerous enough without adding heavy loads to the equation.

2. Plan For Extra Travel Time

If roads are less than ideal for travel, you’ll definitely want to give yourself and your movers plenty of time to safely complete your move. Stay on top of current weather conditions and in constant contact with your movers. Being prepared, aware and flexible can save you a lot of unnecessary stress over elements you can’t control. (We mean you, Mother Nature.)

3. Clear A Path To Your House

Smooth the way for your movers (literally!) by clearing a direct path to your home, both old and new. Shovel any snow, clear any debris etc. and salt or sand your driveway and pathways to ensure safe and easy access to your house. Make sure your walkways and staircases inside are also dry and not slippery, to avoid falls, injuries and potential damage to your stuff.  And if you’re parking in the street, pay attention to snow removal “no parking” rules.

4. Bundle Your Stuff Up

You’ll want to pack up your items carefully, regardless of the time of year. But with winter in mind, consider using plastic moving boxes and crates. They’re not only reusable, durable and sometimes more affordable, but they’ll also protect your stuff better than cardboard moving boxes if exposed to snow, water and other elements.

5. Protect Your Floors

Put down old sheets, rugs or plastic to keep your floors clean from all the trips to and from the moving truck. Tracked in snow, ice and debris is not only a slipping hazard, but can result in extra clean up for you, so play it safe and protect your floors and stairs.

6. Let There Be Light (And Heat!)

Schedule utilities accordingly so that you have the heat, power and electricity turned on at your old residence and new digs. In case inclement weather delays your move-in, you definitely don’t want to shut the utilities off too early at your old home until you’re completely moved out.

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