Cleaning Up the Playroom

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Colorful storage shelvesAre there days when you feel like your house has been swallowed by toys? I’m sure this feeling is magnified by 100 this time of year with the abundance of toys your kids received during the holidays. Having a 4 ½ year old and almost 2 year old myself, I am living this feeling as we speak. All of their new toys have taken over our den just waiting to be organized and find their permanent home. Below are some tips that you may find helpful to reduce playroom clutter. Now I just need to practice what I preach!

Get your children involved
Have your children help you purge old toys that either no longer work or that they don’t play with anymore to make room for their new toys. An easy rule of thumb is for every new toy received, one has to go! You can then create piles of toys to keep and toys to be donated/thrown away. You can take this process one step further and use it as a lesson in charity to help children who are less fortunate. For the past couple of years at my son’s birthday I ask him to choose one of his Birthday gifts to give to a less fortunate boy/girl. Together we then go to donate that new toy to a local charity for underprivileged or sick kids. Being 4 he asks a lot of questions, but I think he feels good about himself afterwards. As my daughter gets older I plan to do the same thing with her as well.

Clean Up
After your children are finished playing have them help you clean up. Try making it into a game by singing a song or seeing who can put away the most toys the quickest. They will probably think it is fun to help and it is less threatening than ordering them to clean. This will give your child ownership over their toys and allow them to feel a sense of accomplishment by putting them away once they’re finished playing. This also avoids you having to start the clean-up process once the kids go to bed so now maybe you can relax and have some time for yourself. (I know that relaxing and having kids don’t usually go together in the same sentence!)

Purchase some simple organizational tools
An easy organizational solution is to get a few shelves, book cases, toy box or plastic bins. All of these storage units will help keep toys neat and organized. Plastic bins can fit a good amount of toys and can be stacked on top of one another to maximize space while a toy box can be filled quickly and easily and many times toys just get lost in them.

For items which may be older, too big or even if you’re unsure you want to donate, a self storage unit is a great, affordable option. Self storage is also an option for seasonal toys like bikes, wagons and snow gear. Since you may want to access your storage unit on a seasonal basis if not more often I highly recommend finding a facility within a reasonable distance from your home. To help simplify the process you can turn to onlineseflstoragedirectory for help in selecting the perfect storage facility that is just right for you.

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