Five ways a small business can use storage

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My dad is a small business owner, so I know it’s tough. He works out of his basement, so when I say it’s a small business, I’m not messing around. But, he’s been doing it for more than twenty years and that’s one hell of an accomplishment.

He definitely has expanded his business, though, and it’s mostly into other corners of the basement. He seems to be just on the brink of needing more space than his basement (and my mother!) will allow. I, being the kind and thoughtful son that I am, recommended self-storage.

Here are 5 ways that self-storage can help a small business owner:

A local warehouse

If you have inventory that is seasonal or is only used sporadically, you can save a lot of office closet space by storing those items off site.

An out of town warehouse

If you have meetings or events out of town, it can become a serious hassle to haul tables, banners, clipboards, and everything else with you every time. Instead, think about renting mini-storage locally and save yourself the trouble.

Archiving records

Eventually, businesses wind up with boxes and boxes filled with old tax returns, receipts, invoices, legal records, floppy disks, and who knows what else. Get those boxes off the shelf and out of sight. When you need them, you can get them. When you need the shelf space, you have it.

Christmas decorations from January-November

This one speaks for itself. No one needs to look at that when the air conditioning is struggling to keep up with the heat. Store it!

Vehicle storage for the company car

If you have a great convertible that you use for promotions, or a boat that you use for tours, don’t leave that gem outside. Protect it somewhere safe. When you pick it up, just park your daily car in its place and you’re good to go when you get back.

The Wrap

Owning a small business is tough. Often the financial margins are slim and moving into a larger – and often more expensive – office may not be possible. Instead, self-storage can fill that seemingly elusive gap between a safe-deposit box and a big shiny new office. For something that costs as little as twenty or thirty bucks per month, it’s something worth consideration.


Ken is the Director of Content and Promotions for the Online Self Storage Directory blog. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals, obscure historical trivia, and the incredible beards on Civil War generals.