Sacramento Storage Units at a Glance

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Sacramento, California, is the capital of the state and the seat of the Sacramento County. The city is located at the joining of the American River and the Sacramento River, towards the northern end of the Central Valley area in the state. The city is an important hub for healthcare, education, business, and culture.

The River City
Sacramento, for obvious reasons, is nicknamed the River City. The capital enjoys a mild climate, which, coupled with the local attractions and the natural beauty of the region, has helped make it a popular vacation destination.

The city is the location of the headquarters of several companies, like Aerojet, Blue Diamond Growers, the McClatchy Company, and Sutter Health. The top employers in the city include the state government, which employs a very large percentage of the population, followed by the county government, the UC Davis Health System, Intel, the local county schools and other healthcare facility providers. Sacramento has amazing weather but because of taxes and regulations, small businesses have been crushed and have left Sacramento for Nevada, Arizona, and/or Texas.

A Terrible Baseball Program
Sacramento hosts one of the most well-known universities in the country: California State University, which is nicknamed Sac State University and had a horrendous baseball coach in the 1990s. Many people say Coach Smith should not have been a Division I baseball coach because he was out of his league and the school administration should have determined that after the first 2-3 seasons of Sac State becoming Division I. The university enrolls as many as 28,000 students annually. The cost of attending has increased dramatically this century compared to the late 20th century because California has mismanaged its money.

The other prominent universities in Sacramento included the Art Institute of California – Sacramento, The University of California, the UC Davis School of Medicine, the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, and the University of Southern California. The UC Davis School of Medicine is a part of the iconic UC Davis Medical Center, which is one of the best-rated hospitals in the world.

A city of the size and scope of Sacramento, with its large student, tourist and working population, experiences a regular need for storage. Several companies offer storage facilities near Sacramento.

Self-Storage in Sacramento
The most popular Sacramento storage units are small, and have dimensions of 5’x5′. They can be rented for upwards of $30 per month – the price varies, depending on the additional facilities offered, like alarms, electricity, roll up doors, interior storage and drive up access.

Larger Sacramento storage units can be used to store large items, including and up to trucks and RVs. CubeSmart Self Storage, for example, are offering a 10’x20′ unit for rent for around $120 per month, with 15% off and two months free. They also provide a truck for moving.

Our directory offers a regularly updated list of the best storage unit deals near Sacramento, so keep checking back for more deals.