How do I find self storage near Northern Arizona University

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Northern Arizona University (NAU) is a public university located in Flagstaff, Arizona, plus a whopping 36 satellite campuses. Initially known as Northern Arizona Normal School, it was established on September 11, 1899. As of the fall 2012 there were 18,292 students enrolled at the Flagstaff campus.

The university is the largest employer in Flagstaff. Other employers in the area besides the university are the Flagstaff Medical Center, W.L. Gore and Associates and the Pepsi Cola Bottling Plant.

There are numerous tales of hauntings on NAU’s campus, but one of the most persistent legends is that of “Kathy the Ghost”, in Morton Hall. There are many variations to the story surrounding her death, but the most common version is that in 1953, she hanged herself in her room over Christmas break after being abandoned by her boyfriend. Morton Hall residents have reported witnessing several mysterious occurrences including lights flickering on and off, footsteps in the hallways when no one is there, the sound of sobbing, doors opening or locking by themselves, radios turning to 1950’s music, and a ghostly woman in a nightgown wandering through the building at night. Amity France, who was a former resident of Morton Hall reported to the Arizona Daily Sun, “It is a little creepy coming up to the building at night. You think, ‘Please don’t let there be a ghost behind the door when I come in.’ The worst part is if you don’t have your key ready and you look around and say, ‘OK Kathy, where are you?'” Morton Hall was listed ninth on a list of infamously haunted places in Arizona.

Student Activities and Unions offer many services and events for the campus community. Some of those are movies and programs such as the popular Friday night after hours events produced by SUN entertainment. Several concerts and special events are also presented by SUN each year and they coordinate Welcome Week concerts. Classic films are presented by the College of Arts and Letters every Tuesday night during the school year, and they also present more than 300 music and theatrical performances, lectures, films and art exhibitions yearly.

NAU’s student athletes, known as the Lumberjacks, compete at national, international and professional levels in football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, track and field, tennis and swimming and diving. You can also find the university participating in fifteen intercollegiate sports programs. The Lumberjacks compete at the NCAA Division I level in all sports. NAU also competes in the Big Sky Conference, except for swimming and diving, which is part of the Western Athletic Conference. Their mascot is Louie the Lumberjack.

Whether you find yourself moving from a dorm to an apartment or possibly doing a study abroad program, students often find themselves looking for affordable and convenient self storage. There are plenty of self storage units available near NAU. Students can find gated self storage facilities near 86011 that offer 24 hour access that provide direct drive up to the storage unit. A 5’X5′ size unit should hold the contents of a typical dorm room. You might also rent a bigger unit and share the costs with a friend.

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