Finding a Self Storage Unit for your Antiques

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If you are planning a house move in the near future and are concerned about the safety of your antiques or valuable items during the move, you should consider storage as an option for your items. Companies offering to do house removals Bath wide should be well versed in moving delicate or fragile items, but if you are looking for complete peace of mind then self storage could be the option for you.

Heirlooms and fragile antiques are not just valuable, but in many cases are irreplaceable. Putting them into a suitable self storage area for the move will not only ensure they are protected during the moving process, but will also give you some breathing space while you decide what you are going to bring back into your new home and where it should go.

Picking a self-storage unit should be undertaken with some consideration. Old items of furniture or decorative pieces are fragile, and should therefore be treated with additional care on top of what you would normally look for. Some of the features you should consider for your storage space include:

Climate control
Extreme temperatures can warp, damage or even fracture fragile items, particularly aged wood and ceramics. Dampness and condensation can similarly cause irreparable damage to fragile pieces. For this reason look for a storage unit that is climate controlled, as this will mean no matter what the outside temperature is doing, your belongings are kept at a moderate and constant temperature. Maintaining a regular temperature in the unit will also control the humidity and reduce the likelihood of damp and condensation.

You will want to make sure your items are kept as safe, if not safer, than you would in your own home. Look for storage units offering CCTV, key code entry and 24 hour security personnel to ensure that they are kept safe and sound until you need them again.

Your storage unit will ideally be near to your new house rather than your old one. Once you are settled at the new place, you won’t want to travel all the way back to your old area to retrieve your items, so get them moved to a storage facility nearer to your new town. For the physical removals Bath residents will find companies offering house removals Bath wide often have specialist teams for these types of jobs, but do ensure they are qualified and experienced enough to handle your items before allowing them to start the job.

You don’t want to risk unnecessary strain or damage to your items by having to lug them up flights of stairs or cram to get where they are going, so if you can’t secure a unit on the ground floor make sure the facility is equipped with a lift. Find out what the procedure is for retrieving your items and the hours in which you can access the unit to collect and deliver items to the unit.

Before you put your antiques or valuables into storage, get some professional advice on packing and securing these items for storage. You may need the advice of a specialist in terms of how to protect legs, avoid moisture being trapped near the items and how to minimise any chemical infiltration caused by your choice of packing materials

Author Bio: Tony is a writer and environmental enthusiast. Apart from writing about DIY guides, and home improvement tips, he is concerned about creating awareness about modern home decor ideas and self storage ideas, relocation tips some simple steps like Man and van services in bath, saving money, using modern techniques and implementing right technology can help. That’s exactly what Tony loves to write about.

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  2. It is so important to make sure that you find the perfect self storage unit for the items that you are storing, especially if they have a high value to them. There are many variables that you need to take into consideration when choosing your self storage unit so it really is something that needs to be thought through thoroughly.

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