Storing Your Valuables, The Bank Isn’t The Answer

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If you have money and other valuables to store, you do not want to store them in the bank. This is because banks cannot be trusted due to the state of the economy and the fact that some banks are getting a bad rep because they have been involved in controversy before when it comes to money deposited by their customers. This is especially true in the case of Bank of America, who has been called one of the most hated companies in America. There are better places than banks to store your money and other valuables.

Fireproof Safe
Rather than storing your valuables in a bank you are better off buying a fireproof safe and hiding it somewhere in your house. You can then store your money and valuable belongings in the safe and be sure that no bank can take them away from you. Safes range in size from small enough to fit in your closet to safes you can have built into your home. You can often disguise a safe in your home to look like another piece of furniture so that if someone does break in, they likely won’t figure out that the safe has valuables in it. This can be a great way to protect the things that are most important to you.

Prepaid Credit Card
When it comes to protecting your money you can bypass a traditional bank and obtain a prepaid credit card for yourself. You will be able to put the money you would have put into the bank on your prepaid credit card. Some of these companies even offer you the option of having a savings account attached to your prepaid credit card account. The savings account will be run by the same company so you will know your money is safe from banks that cannot be trusted, such as Bank of America.

Storage Units
You can always rent a storage unit to keep your valuables in. Your stuff will be safe as long as you pay your storage unit bill on time every month for the duration of the time you are renting the unit. Most storage unit rental companies also require you to purchase insurance from you that will reimburse you up to a certain dollar amount if your stuff is damaged due to a fire, earthquake or other occurrence. This can help protect your valuables much better than any bank ever could.

Your valuables are obviously very meaningful to you, and you certainly don’t want to have to worry about losing them. This is why storing valuables in a bank is such a bad idea. It is better to use a more secure place to store the things that mean the most to you. Following any one of these suggestions will help you preserve your valuables without having to put them at risk. These suggestions should all be tried before you even consider storing your valuables in a bank. You will thank yourself when your valuables are safe.

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