Matty the Matador helps find self storage at Cal State Northridge

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California State University, Northridge (also known as CSUN, or Cal State Northridge) is a public university in the Northridge area of Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley. It became an independent college in 1958 as San Fernando Valley State College and adopted in current name in 1972. Its Undergraduate Engineering program ranked fifth among California public colleges (Masters level colleges) and fourteenth among U.S. public colleges (U.S. News & World Report.)

CSUN’s sport teams are known as the Matadors, a name chosen in 1958 by student submissions. The name beat out four other finalists, including the Apollos, the Falcons, the Rancheros and the Titans. The Matadors reflect the region’s Spanish heritage. CSUN is the only university in the country to have the name Matador and are represented by Matty the Matador.

Some of the more well known Alumni who attended CSUN were Florence Griffith Joyner, an Olympic track and field champion; Richard Dreyfuss, actor; Paula Abdul, entertainer; and Scott Horowitz, astronaut.

The Northridge campus is in the community of Northridge in Los Angeles, California, and encloses 353 acres. One notable site to visit on the campus is the Northridge Botanic Garden, also known as the CSUN Botanic Garden, located in the northern San Fernando Valley. This site is on 1.5 acres, and includes a 1 acre botanical garden and approximately .5 acres of nursery, shade house and greenhouse zone. Established shortly after the campus was, in 1959, the botanic gardens were considered a Valley branch of California State University, Los Angeles. During the administrations of San Fernando Valley State College and the present day CSUN biology department, the gardens have grown.

Having a large population of foreign students and the wide range of opportunities both in the city and elsewhere, students often find themselves looking for affordable and convenient self storage. There are an abundance of self storage units available close to CSUN. A typical 5’X5′ storage unit can be found in the range of $60 to $75. That size unit will usually hold the contents of a typical dorm room. If you are looking for the best storage deals near 91330 . Students can find cheap gated self storage facilities that offer 24 hour access and provide direct drive up to the storage unit. Another option for self storage during summer break is to find a friend to share a storage unit and the cost.

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