Great Ohio State self storage deals for Buckeyes!

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Formally named The Ohio State University, it is more commonly referred to as Ohio State or OSU and is located in Columbus, Ohio. OSU began as a mechanical and agricultural college in 1870 and became The Ohio State University in 1878 and has grown today to the 3rd largest university campus in the country. US News and World Report ranked Ohio State as the 18th best public university in America and the 55th overall. OSU was also ranked 14th by US News and World Report’s “Up and Coming” colleges section as a result of their significant improvements in academics, faculty, student life and facilities to name a few. Ohio State offers numerous nationally ranked programs including business, law, political science including one of the nations best graduate degree programs.

Ohio State is one of only 4 universities to have won National Championships in all three major men’s sports (football, basketball and baseball). The other 3 universities include the University of Michigan, Stanford University and the University of California-Berkeley.  They are also one of two universities to appear in both men’s football and men’s basketball National Championships in the same year. The other university is the University of Florida who defeated OSU in both contests in 2007. Sports Illustrated nicknamed Ohio State’s athletic program as being “The Program” in 2007 because of their state of the art facilities, the unparalleled number of men’s and women’s sport teams, the success of those teams, and the financial support of an overwhelmingly supportive fan base. Having an outstanding athletic program, it is only natural that OSU has produced many iconic athletes including track and field star Jesse Owens, who has been called the greatest Olympian of all time, legendary and controversial basketball coach Bobby Knight, and the greatest golfer in history, Jack Nicklaus.

If you aren’t into the sporting arena there are tons of student organizations to get involved with. The marching band is a longstanding tradition and is the largest all-brass and percussion band in the world.  They are famous for “script Ohio” where the band marches in a single-file line to from an outline of the word Ohio. In addition to the notorious marching band there are many other notable bands within the school’s music programs. Ohio State is known for its diversity so there is something there for everyone to fit in!

Offering so many outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs, many students find themselves looking into storage unit deals near Ohio State to store their belongings. Columbus is a large metropolitan city outside of the university so there are many storage deals to choose from. Most storage facilities in 43210 have drive up access and some have alarms and extra tall 9′ ceilings for those extra tall items.  A 5’x5′ unit will rent for about $30 per month and the next size up which is a 10’x10′ or 10’x15′ increases to about $75-$100 per month.

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