Fighting Illini Need Affordable Storage near U of I

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The University of Illinois, or U of I, is unique in that it is located right at the intersection of two cities; Champaign and Urbana, Illinois.  They have research and academic facilities that are divided equally between each of these two cities. Founded in 1867, U of I is an intensive research university so it makes sense that they have the second largest university library in the country and the fifth largest overall! They are considered a public ivy school with world leading research in engineering and sciences putting them in the top-25 American research facilities. Known for its landscape and architecture, U of I was identified in T.A. Gaines book, The Campus as a Work of Art, as one of 50 college or university ‘works of art’.

U of I competes in the Big 10 Conference, and were one of the founding members in 1896, making it the oldest Division I athletic conference in the United States. One interesting fact is that the Big 10 Conference actually has 12 members, all of whom create a very competitive athletic environment.  Illinois also has the largest Greek system in the world by enrollment with 59 fraternities and 36 sororities. An whopping 21% of the student population are members of the Greek system.

Champaign-Urbana is often treated as one metropolitan area. The metropolitan area is surrounded mainly by farmland, but over the years this area has experienced vast development, especially in the housing market. Currently there is significant building of condo and apartment complexes along with additional businesses, including a Meijer and a Menards, giving the area a more urban feel.  Despite all of the new building you can still rent a 1-2 bedroom apartment reasonably for $500-$800 per month. If you are looking for newer, more updated accommodations expect to pay on the higher end of the range.

Affordable storage facilities near Champaign-Urbana are also available for about $40/month. With the growing metropolitan area in and around U of I we hope to offer you more places to rent storage close to 61820 in the near future.

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