Sniffing Out Storage Facilities for UGA Bulldog Pride

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The University of Georgia or UGA is located in Athens, Georgia and dates all the way back to 1785, as the first chartered university in the United States. UGA is referred to as a “Public Ivy” school and ranked 21 overall in 2013 by US News and World Report. Business, law, journalism, education and public affairs are just four of countless programs UGA offers that rank in the country’s top 20. UGA offers a great education value for your tuition dollars but will also give you a solid salary return once you graduate. In 2012, SmartMoney magazine, which is published by US News and World Report, ranked UGA 4th best for salary returns based on tuition. It is no surprise that UGA was ranked 11th by US News and World Report for most “up and coming schools” due to it’s outstanding education programs.

UGA participates in the SEC Athletic Conference where they were a founding member in 1932. Georgia has earned seven top ten rankings in the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and the Director’s Cup, a numerical ranking based on the University’s success in all of their varsity sports. They have won national championships in football, women’s gymnastics, women’s equestrian, baseball, men’s and women’s tennis and men’s and women’s gold. The most impressive championship statistic, however, is the 10 national championships won by the gymnastics team, including five consecutive championships from 2005-2009! Off the competition field, UGA has pioneered a new program that fines student-athletes for unexcused absences. For the first time in history, more than 50% of student-athletes are maintaining a 3.0 or above GPA and the graduation rate has increased to 81% where the national average is between 70% and 74%.

Athens is your typical college town with a plethora of activities to offer students on campus. Georgia is home to many popular rocks artists such as REM and Widespread Panic consequently ranking UGA number one among “campus scenes that rock” by Rolling Stones magazine. Athens is also less than an hour drive from Atlanta, which has all the offerings of a large city, so you can have the best of both worlds!

In 2012 Open Door ranked UGA 12th in the number of students studying abroad. With about 30% of undergraduates studying abroad you may need to research the most affordable self storage units near UGA. Most storage facilities close to campus will have drive up access making it easy to move your belongings in and out. A 5’x5′ storage unit in 30602 will store the contents of your average dorm room which should be perfect for a student studying abroad for a semester and can be rented for $40-$50 per month.



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