Renting Self Storage Units Near UMich, Ann Arbor, MI

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The flagship of the University of Michigan system, the school moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor in 1837. The school is divided into three distinct campuses, Central Campus, North Campus and South Campus. The Central Campus was the original Ann Arbor campus and is interwoven with the city itself. Interestingly, the school wasn’t originally called the University of Michigan. Instead, it was known as Catholepistemiad. It’s safe to say that they made the right choice to change their name!

The school also maintains an excellent academic reputation. According to US News and World Report, the University is among the top ten nationwide in a wide variety of fields, including being ranked as the number one school for business management. Overall, their 29th ranking is the envy of schools everywhere. The Wolverines also support one of the nation’s great collegiate sports programs. As members of the Big Ten, their football and men’s basketball programs are consistent national title contenders.

Storage Deals Near UMich
Students in Ann Arbor often find themselves studying abroad, taking internships at home, or moving from dorm to apartment and need to find a storage unit close to UMich to store their belongings for a few months or a few years. For students who are traveling, many 48104 self storage units even have space to store vehicles, such as car storage or boat storage. There are some great cheap Ann Arbor self storage options, such as 10′ X 10′ units for $99.00 per month. For those looking for a small Ann Arbor storage space, you can even find 2′ X 2′ units for as little as $9.00 per month!

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