Diversify Your Storage Needs at SFSU in the Golden State

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If you are looking for diversity in a university, San Francisco State University may be for you. SFSU enrolls the largest number of international students and ranks 10th out of 112 Western Universities for campus diversity. Founded in 1899 as a two year teaching-training college, San Francisco State University didn’t enroll their first male student until 1904 and became a four year college in 1930. They attained their University status in 1972 and today enrolls 30,500 students. Since San Francisco State University was founded as a teaching college it has maintained its strong commitment to teaching and offers a “hands on” learning experience for their students. Liberal and Creative Arts was the most popular degree earned during the 2011-2012 academic year and “Entertainment Weekly” lists San Francisco State University as one of the leading film making schools in the US and was attended by four-time Oscar Nominee Annette Bening and Comedian Dana Carvey.

Housing in San Francisco and the Bay area is at a premium as it is one of the most desirable areas in the country to live. With the majority of students commuting to campus and rental space being at a premium, self storage units may need to be considered to store difficult items to fit in your apartment. To assist you in finding storage facilities near SFSU, you may want to consider the most efficient means of public transportation to get to your unit. San Francisco has a very extensive public transportation system including the historic Cable Cars which were introduced in 1912 and completely refurbished in 1980, Street Cars and the most popular, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). From the Daly City BART Station San Francisco State University offers free shuttle services to campus during the normal school year.

With space also being at a premium you’ll want to be economical when selecting the right unit size. You can rent a 4’x8′ storage unit near 94132 for around $80/month which will easily fit the contents of a typical bedroom leaving space for some additional boxes. Some storage units offer move in specials along with student discounts so you’ will definitely want to inquire to make sure that you are getting the best storage prices near SFSU.  If there are move in specials and/or student discounts make sure that there won’t be an increase in your rent after a certain number of months.

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