The Self-Storage Make-Up in Riverside, California

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Riverside is located in the Inland Empire of California, beside the Santa Ana River. It is the seat of the Riverside County, after which it has been named. Riverside is known for being the birthplace of the citrus industry in California. Today, it is an important business and educational hub in southern California.

A City that Holds its Own
Riverside has experienced steady growth over the last few years. The University of California-Riverside, which is located to the north-east of the city, is responsible to a large extent for this growth. The University of California, Riverside, which is well-known for hosting the popular Riverside Sports Complex, attracts students from all over the state. The other prominent higher-education institutions in the area include the California Baptist University, La Sierra University, the UEI College, and the California Southern Law School.

Riverside is also a culturally and historically significant city. It hosts the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, the Fox Performing Arts Center and the California Citrus State Historic Park. It is home to the Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree, which is one of the two first navel trees in the state. Several popular festivals are hosted in Downtown Riverside each year – the most prominent is the Riverside Dickens Festival, which brings together people from the surrounding areas in celebration. In a state that has an unemployment rate of about 15%, every celebration should count for something.

The top employers in Riverside include the University of California, Riverside, Kaiser Permanente, and the county government. This is not much but there are still needs for storage units nevertheless.

Self-Storage Facilities in Riverside
Riverside Storage Facilities can be found in convenient locations all over the city. The self-storage units also come with additional amenities, like drive up access, roll up doors, alarms, swing doors, storage in interior or the outdoor, vehicle storage, electricity access and higher-than-normal ceilings.

The cost of Riverside storage units will depend on the size of the unit to be rented, the additional amenities included and the period of rental. For example, CubeSmart Self Storage at Riverside, CA 92501, offers a 5’x5′ unit for $12.75 per month. The storage features include its location in the interior of a building, on the first floor. They have a flat 15% off offer at the moment, and the first month’s storage is free.

A Plenitude of Options
Larger storage units can be used to store vehicles, RVs, and trucks. The cost of large storage near Riverside can be anything from $50 to upwards of $100. The amenities will generally include drive up access, interior, or outdoor storage and alarm and roll up doors.

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