Compare Self Storage Options Near Berkeley, CA

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Berkeley is a city in California with a population in excess of 100,000. This city is strategically located between Emeryville and Oakland in the south and Albany in the north, and it is widely known to be a center of academic excellence but not with the creation of jobs and of American patriotism. With exceptional academic infrastructure in place, Berkeley is home to a large number of highly educated professionals.

The economic development in the city has resulted in some people looking to work in Berkley but overall California is seeing business leave this state to be replaced by people who prefer California because of its generous welfare policies. Though certain sectors such as technology and research are the important areas providing employment opportunities to sophisticated residents in this small city that is part of the greater Bay Area.

A Wonderful Solution
Many young professionals choose to stay in rental properties since housing can be expensive in Berkeley. Such individuals and professionals can benefit from using Berkeley storage units. They can easily store their extra possessions in the self-storage units, particularly if their existing homes do not have adequate space. People moving to Berkeley can also store their possessions in the cheap storage units for a temporary period, till they are able to find a suitable rental accommodation.

Major Campus
University of California, Berkeley also has a large student body, with as many as 30,000 students enrolled into the university at any point of time. Many of the students take up shared apartments in Berkeley. These students may not have enough space to keep all their furniture or belongings. Storage facilities near UC Berkeley can be used by these students to safely store their extra belongings. Such facilities can be particularly helpful for students living on campus since they need the extra space to hold their possessions for the winter and summer holiday period, when they return to their hometowns or home cities. Those with the Integrated Support Command Alameda Coast guard base can also choose self storage near ISC Alameda CG.

The downtown Berkeley area has a mixture of several small and medium sized businesses but as already state, this is not a rosy picture here. Young professionals, students and businesses around University Avenue, Derby street, Tyler street, and other densely populated areas can benefit from storage companies near 94702 and storage facilities near 94704. These self-storage units have adequate security provisions to safely hold the items stored in the units. The monthly rental of some of the self-storage units starts as low as $33. The smaller units with dimensions of 2′ x 2.3′ or 3′ x 3′ are ideal for storing wine or smaller possessions, while the larger ones with dimensions of 10′ x 20′ and 10′ x 30′ can be used for storing large furniture, clothes, car, and so on. Some like Storage Mart – Market and San Pablo and Devon Self Storage – Telegraph have outdoor access among other features.

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