What Your Mover Should Know Before The Move

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Moving is one of the most challenging experiences we have to face once in a while in our lives. We move from one place to another due to several reasons like a job relocation, acquisition of a new home, starting a family of your own, and so on.

The job of moving is typically a long process, and most often than not, this task cannot be done by one person only. Fortunately, there are moving services these days that can help individuals or families to move the items from the old home, to a new one with ease, convenience, and most all – safety.

To make sure that everything will go well with your mover, here are some tips that you have to give to your movers, before that big day.

Let Your Mover Know The Exact Day
Your mover should know the exact day when you need them. Basically, it is better to call them weeks in advance, so they will not have to rush on things, and require higher fees. You have to schedule the exact time as well, so they can also do the necessary adjustment when it comes to the travel time from their office, to your home.

How Much Items Are To Be Moved?
Inform your mover about the number of items you have to move, because this will give them the idea of the kind of moving truck needed, to make sure that there will be enough space in the vehicle for all of your stuff. This will also give them the idea of how much people are needed in order to do the job well. Furthermore, moving companies need to know the number of items that needs equipment to lift, especially the ones that are heavy and bulky.

If you think that some of your items need special handling and care, you might want to consider getting an insurance, to make sure that something will back you up, in case of lost or damage.

Your moving company needs to know where to transport your items, so they can also give you an accurate cost of expense for your intended move. Long distance moving typically requires more on the fee, and insurance is also advised.

Equipment & Help
You have to inform your moving company of the kind of service, equipment and help that you need from them. Moving companies offer a wide variety of services for moving. You can either avail a complete service, where the company will be doing all the job for you; packing, sorting, loading, transporting, and unloading. Or you can just avail some service, if you opt to do the packing yourself. Obviously, the more service you avail, the more you have to pay for the cost.

These are the different information you need to give your moving company, so that they will be able to prepare everything that you need for your move. You have to be accurate as much as possible, so you will have a smooth move with them.

About the author: Mary Davtyan is a content manager and writer at Ezmovingslc.com, local moving company based out of Salt Lake City, UT that provides commercial and residential services in Utah.

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