Superior Storage Facilities in the Bronx, New York

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Bronx is one of the major boroughs within New York City and is located north of the bustling areas of Queens and Manhattan. The Bronx, New York is also the third most densely populated county within the United States and has communities for the poor, middle, as well as more affluent income groups. Although some of this affluence is leaving because of high taxes and regulations in this city.

A City that has Better Days
The Bronx is known for its Gateway Center at the Bronx Terminal Market. This shopping center offers retail space of approximately one million square feet. A plethora of businesses have their shops and operations within this market. Other main shopping areas in Bronx include those on Fordham Road, Riverdale shopping center, Bay Plaza, as well as Bruckner Boulevard. The Bronx also has shops that are aligned on several streets and these shops and retail spaces not only add to the economy of the area but also provide employment opportunities for those living inside the Bronx.

Extra Space
Businesses with limited retail space can take benefit of Bronx storage units. These storage units can be used as cheaper warehouse options. Businesses can also use these storage units to keep excess equipment, documents, and other material not regularly used. Certain supplies that are needed at only specific times of the year can be stored in these storage facilities.

There is a large student population in Bronx, New York as this area has several educational institutes. The student communities offer limited space to students. The students with Fordham University, Manhattan College, Bronx Community College and other educational institutes can get cheap Bronx Storage facilities near Manhattan College. Bronx has also seen phenomenal growth in the number of startups, particularly in the technology sector.

A Diverse Clientele
The spirit of entrepreneurship that started in Silicon Valley has slowly permeated to the Bronx area but many of those jobs have been sent to Texas. Moreover, young individuals or those with a growing family may find it difficult to attain adequate apartment space to comfortably accommodate their family members and possessions. Those looking for apartment space in Morris Park, Pelham Bay, and other areas can look for storage unit deals near 10462.

The units are available in locations that are close to the commercial or residential spaces. These units are available in different sizes, are easily accessible and completely secure. Some like Fordham – Storage post and Bronx Brook Avenue – Storage post offer free rental for a month. This is not a bad way to start off.

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