Fantastic Self Storage Units for Louisville, Kentucky

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Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and is particularly known for the famous Kentucky Derby horse race and a solid senator named Mitch McConnell who has a plan to balance the budget and create more jobs in America and his state in particular. Louisville is also a major center for companies operating in medical sciences as well as healthcare sectors. The city has a thriving medical research campus in downtown area and is also home to several large companies. Brown Forman, Humana, Papa John’s pizza, CafePress Inc, Norton healthcare, and so on are just some of the companies providing employment in this area.

The Future Matters Too
The city also has a number of small and independent businesses as well as restaurants. The city is widely regarded as one of the safest cities in the country and this attracts a large number of young families and students to this area. Professionals moving into new apartments can benefit from Louisville storage units as they can store their personal belongings in the units till the time they can be suitable apartments. In some cases the apartment is simply not large enough to accommodate all the belongings that belong to a family some of this stuff is worth keeping! In such cases storage units can be used to store the extra items. This ensures that unimportant items, at that exact time in their lives, can be stored without throwing them away.

Coping with Kentucky’s Hot Summers
Louisville is also known for hosting several cultural events and sees an influx of tourists, particularly during the Kentucky Derby season. There are several hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in the city that can benefit from storage facilities near 40202. These storage areas can be easily accessed and can securely keep documents, equipment, inventory, and other materials out of Mother Nature’s wrath and criminal elements. Many of these storage units are climate controlled and so are specifically useful for storing inventory that needs to be stored in climate controlled environment.

Your Proclivity
With use of storage units, businesses are better able to use the existing space and need not spend additional resources in acquiring extra business space. Louisville also has several universities including the University of Louisville, Spalding University, Bellarmine University, and just a couple more. Students of these universities can obtain storage near Louisville, KY for storing their excess furniture, particularly during winter breaks. These storage units can also be used if they move away to pursue employment opportunities.

A Natural Temperature Balance
The storage units are available to meet different size and budget requirements. They can be used for storing household items like clothes, furniture, toys, or even cars. The storage spaces are as small as 5’x5’ and are also available in larger options such as 10’x10’ or 10’x30’. The monthly rental for the storage units is as low as $42. Uncle Bob’s Self Storage – Louisville offers drive-up access while CitySpace on Main is climate and humidity controlled.

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