Self-Storage Units: Extensions of the Home

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Self-storage units are in nearly every city and town ranging from metro-areas to small rural populations. As you accumulate stuff, your home may not be big enough to contain it all. Many of these items could be irreplaceable heirlooms that simply have nowhere to sit within your house or apartment. Perhaps you have to temporarily live in an apartment while you are looking for a larger home. Regardless of your needs, self-storage units can keep your valuables and keep-sakes safe and out of the way. You should view these units as more of an extension of your own home.

1. Various Sizes – Storage units can come in a variety of sizes. While some are low-costing units that are the size of small bedrooms, others could be made from large freight trailers that have been converted. Some of these trailers are larger than many mobile homes. Rental for one of these monster-sized storage units could be as little as $65 per month and up. When you think of the square footage of the entire area, it’s actually not a bad price to pay to store nearly everything you own in one location. Where else could you pay less than $100 to vastly increase your usable square footage for the home? They can be viewed as an additional room that is separate from your home to hold seasonal items and things you don’t use regularly. It may cost an extra trip to pick up the Christmas decor, but it beats taking space in your closet that could be used for immediate needs such as clothing.

2. Utilities – Nearly all storage units provide a type of lighting system so that you can see what you’re doing at night. In fact, some will even provide power sockets within the area of your unit. Most of the time, these are free of charge amenities that you can utilize while renting a self-storage unit.

3. Security – It takes a great deal of effort for anyone to see what you have in your unit. In some aspects, storage units can be safer than your residence when it comes to burglary. In some of the larger areas, 24/7 security cameras record various locations of the facility to catch anyone vandalizing or otherwise trying to gain entry into a storage unit. Motion sensing lights illuminate the area at night to help reduce burglary and self-injury should you need to move items at midnight. Purchasing high-end locks can deter the criminal element and some locations will even have insurance policies on the unit itself. Some facilities will go the extra mile for clients and provide a fenced or walled facility that has a passkey entrance gate.

4. Anytime Access – Traditionally, self-storage units can be accessed at any time of day or night. Your belongings are always available to you should you need them no matter what time it is. Not everyone can keep regular business hours and many have had to rush to pack up in order to move in the middle of the night. There is never the need to worry about not being able to have access to your belongings regardless of what time it is.

Storing your stuff for safe-keeping ensures that you will have them at a later date. While you could host a yard sale, perhaps there are things you aren’t ready to give up yet. You could have plans of living in a larger house in the near future and don’t want to give up your antique desk or coveted Lay-Z-Boy recliner. Use a self-storage facility today and keep your goods within your grasp.

This is article is contributed by Madoline Hatter. Madoline is a freelance writer and blog junkie from You can reach her at: m.hatter12 [at] gmail. com.

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