Self Storage Units in the Tough City of Oakland, CA

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East Bay’s trade region, Oakland has many factors in its favor. It is one of the largest cities in the U.S. and is an ecological delight with its woodlands and prairies. It is recognized for its efforts in environmental awareness and sustenance. Over the years, immigrants from different parts of the world, have contributed to making Oakland an ethnically diverse city. It is the home for high tech and manufacturing companies but importantly it is also a vital shipping port.

A City that has Seen Brighter Days
Its climate makes it an ideal spot for both locals and tourists since Oakland, for nearly two-thirds of the year, has sunny days. As of 2010, the city had close to 700,000 people but its population is in decline because of some of its anti-business policies and the cost to do business.

Oakland, being one of the top five most busy ports in the U.S., offers employment to thousands in the marine industry. Thus, shipping takes predominance as one of its major industries followed by IT and manufacturing.  Some leading companies in Oakland include Dreyers, Matson, Kaiser Permanente, but its leading employers are Alameda County, and Wells Fargo.

Not lagging behind in the education front, Oakland is home to the Oakland Unified School district. Nearly 40,000 students depend on these professionals to education them properly.

These diverse factors make Oakland a destination for some students, business folks, and tourists. Self-storage is one of the key requirements for both residents and travelers since it provides them with hassle and worry free movement. There are about 28 self storage facilities in Oakland.

The Storage Situation
While a facility in say Richmond, CA 94804, which is around 10 miles away, can cost $52 for a 4’x6′ sized unit, one which is just 2.5 miles away could cost around $90/-. Rates are determined by local real estate prices too and while many of them may offer same or similar utilities those closer to business or school hubs can be more expensive. However, it is in these areas that more storage facilities are available and because of competition, prices remain competitive. Many of these entrepreneurs offer discounts and freebies such as a 2-month rent waive off for longer lease periods. Hey, it makes mathematical sense. is an ideal place to begin a search for the right storage businesses anywhere in the U.S.

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