Dedicated Madison, WI Self Storage Units

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Madison, also known popularly as The City of Four Lakes, gets this name because of the four lakes which surround it. These lakes are called Lake Mendota, Waubesa, Monona, and Kegnosa.

The University of Wisconsin in Madison has earned Madison a lot of popularity and is one of the largest employers in this city which is known to be anti-business and not in tune with reality. But these sentiments have died down with the current governor turning things around. This is a common remark made about this city by other people living in Wisconsin.

Madison is Improving
Along with the university, high tech, bio technology, and the health businesses are the overall contributors to the local economy. Because of its growing economy, Madison has remained less affected than the rest of U.S. during this recession that does not quit.

Highly Educated
With a prestigious university located right there, the people of Madison are mostly well educated and Forbes magazine in a 2004 survey reported that Madison has the most number of doctorates in the U.S. This does not always mean though sound economic policies and business friendly politicians are supported in Madison but as said before, the current governor is trying to right this sinking ship before the state ends up like Illinois, its southern neighbor, financially destitute.

The Capital City
Top employers in Madison include the government itself and another generator of employment opportunities is the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics which appoints doctors, support staff, and training personnel for regional training needs.

Some of the top companies in Madison include Spectrum Brands, American Girl, the Credit Union National Association, and Sonic Foundry amongst many others. There are several bio-technology companies too in Madison.

Storage Firms Earn their Keep
With a couple universities in the city, Madison has a student population of more than 50,000 and to cater to the requirements of these students, there are several self storage facilities available in Madison, WI. is a salient starting point when looking for a self-storage company. Their website offers you not only names and addresses of self-storage facilities; they even go the extra mile in ranking these small operations to make it easy for you to find one that suits your predilection. Your search may be for the safest, closest, or most price competitive and it is their business to sort out data and present it to you simply and measurably.

Some of the storage facilities have 24/7 call centers. All these attributes ensure that you can benefit from the comfortable knowledge that even if you are traveling or vacationing your items remain in safe hands.

East Town Storage Center is located in WI 53704 and is around 5 miles away from downtown. Here a 5’x10′ unit costs $69 per month. A decent ball park number to keep in mind when renting a self storage facility is that on an average a sterling self storage unit could cost approx. $1.50 per sq. ft.

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