Self Storage Units in the Hot City of Tucson, AZ

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Most of us cannot think of Tucson without remembering the University of Arizona. The city has developed around the university which is also one of the largest employers here. It is only second to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base which is the primary employer here. Around these two organizations, several high-tech companies and governmental organizations have been established over the years and these ensure that Tucson remains a popular destination for business visitors. Some of the larger technology companies in Tucson include IBM, Texas, Intuit, and just a couple more.

Tech and Tourism
Giving the technology segment some competition is the tourism industry which earns the city more than $2 billion a year. Like all tourist destinations, Tucson, therefore, has some tremendous hotels and other mid-range hotels as well.

Water Shortages
If there is one drawback, in this awesome smaller city, it is its depleting surface water supply. It has therefore also been a place for water conservation and eco-friendly technology to ensure that water which is essential to life is not completely lost.

Amazing Gems
However, water or not water, Tucson is a favorite tourist destination and is especially popular for the annual “Tucson Gem and Mineral Show” which attracts global participation with visitors wanting to see some outstanding gem displays.

For all these visitors, South Tucson offers a large variety in self-storage options and leading self storage companies in Tucson, AZ like CubeSmart have their facilities here.

Prices and Dimensions
Prices vary according to sizes and distance from downtown Tucson. For example, a 5’x10′ unit around 2 miles away could cost around $40 while another storage unit which is located more than 5 miles away could cost the same price for a smaller sized 5’x5′ sized unit. The higher price is because of the amenities which these self storage units offer. While the 5’x5′ has outdoor access the other one offers drive-up access.

Depending on seasonal business, many companies offer standard discounts ranging from 10-15 percent. If price is important and you are willing to drive the extra distance, a storage facility situated approximately 10 miles away can come in at $22 for a 5’x10’ sized unit.

When the Arizona sun becomes too hot to beat and residents prefer to take a vacation, then self-storage facilities become a preferred option here. Many of the better facilities offer surveillance, gated, and controlled access 24/7. These well-lit facilities ensure that your belongings remain safe and people can go away for a while without worrying about their stuff succumbing to the heat.

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