Make it Happen with Self Storage Units in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is a large city and has a population of nearly 600,000 people (2010 census). For those who may not be aware, Oklahoma has one of the richest natural resources in U.S. It has a large livestock market which caters to global requirements. An active oil field right in the middle of this city ensures that this city’s industries revolve around oil and petroleum. Providing employment to its inhabitants, the oil, petroleum, and natural gas industries take predominance closely followed by government institutions like the Tinker Air Force Base and the Aeronautical Center.

Large Employers
In terms of climate, Oklahoma often has to weather storms and it has been struck often by tornadoes which tear the city apart. Several Fortune 500 companies have established their headquarters in Oklahoma City. Some of these companies are AT&T, Bank of America, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, and some others.

Not City is Exempt
Because of its strong economy this city has earned the title of most “recession proof city in America” by Forbes magazine. Where there is money there can also be corruption, and Oklahoma City has been targeted for drug related issues. But what city has not? Have you seen Chicago and Detroit?

Plenty of Fuel
Having said that, Oklahoma City is held in high regard for its abundant natural resources along with its business activities. Self storage facilities in Oklahoma City are a pre-requisite in any city where there is a high level of human movement and OKC is no exception. has a listing of 24 self-storage facilities in and around the city and these provide excellent amenities for those who want either permanent or temporary storage solutions.

A typical 5’x5′ unit could cost approximately $27 a month while a 5’x10’ facility may come at around $40.

Low Prices
Our self storage directory has a listing based on most recommended, cheapest, most expensive, closest, and smallest. According to our records, SecurCare Self Storage offers a 5’x10’ unit for $39. But if cost is a concern, then SecurCare also offers locations in S Western Avenue for as low as $26 per month for a 5’x5’ sized unit.

For those looking for bigger spaces, a 10’x10’ sized unit could cost $85. Most of them offer similar amenities such as drive-up access, security, alarms, and roll up doors.

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